Three things ~ 1.26.23

Things I’m loving this week

“Nobody Hates You” by Jessia. I don’t know how old this song is, but I just heard it recently and immediately added it to my “liked” songs list on Spotify. The lyrics are awesome, especially for young women, but…sadly, I know, also for plenty of young men, too. What have we done to our kids? Sigh.


“Alexa,  play some music.” I discovered this command by accident, but I’m finding it fun to see what she comes up with for my personalized playlist. Usually it’s based on my listening habits, but sometimes it’s way out there — like contemporary R&B, which was actually pretty fun. I find it hard to discover new music using streaming services (Spotify’s Daily Drive, etc.) that just feed us what they know we like. 


College basketball games. I never watched basketball until a friend’s daughter began playing for Behrend, so I couldn’t be more surprised to say that I really like going to the games. They are fun and exciting. People. Pep band. Dance Troupe. Cheerleaders. Mascot. And, of course, a fast-moving game that never drags into extra innings or long overtime sessions.


Microban Multi-purpose Cleaner. My mom swears by this to clean up pet stains and I have to say it works better than most of the other products we have tried. And, it’s not even very pricey — maybe $5 or $6 at Walmart.

Things I’m not loving this week


$400+ Emergency Vet Bill and a sick pup. I don’t know what’s wrong with Haddie, but she’s had liquid poo for days. On Friday night she sprayed it all over me in the truck on the way home from my inlaws (oh, yes, that’s a story i must find time to tell here soon) and when it continued Saturday morning, we decided we had to bite the bullet and take her to the Pet ER. The first quote was nearly $900. They took off some things to get the price down to $414, which was still steep for no diagnosis, but we did get plenty of meds — nausea, stool hardener, worm medicine (just in case) — as well as antiseptic butt wipes, antibiotic cream, and a cone-of-shame from a lick-induced infection/hot spot on her back end.

I’m still not sure what is wrong. Is it her food? Does she have some sort of inflammation or chronic, sensitive belly? Does she need probiotics? Did she pick up some infection from something in the yard? I don’t know, but I hope we get it figured out soon. In the meantime, she’s enjoying rice-boiled-chicken-and-pumpkin dinners and is clearly feeling much better. (The tail wrap was to keep the fur out of the mess going on back there.)

M&Ms. Good gravy…..imagine being Mars Inc. and taking orders from that fat, blowhard, soft, squinty-eyed, perpetually-confused-looking loser, Tucker Carlson. No…I’m not “canceling” M&Ms now, I’m just hoping they realize they don’t need to kowtow to a man who literally contributes nothing to this world but more resentment and anger. He makes a living off keeping people mad about stupid shit.



Worth Reading ~ 1.25.23

A few articles, blog posts, and other things I think are worth your time.

Canary Media: We need a lot more electricians if we’re going to electrify everything

Aeon: Born that way

“Thomas and Chess had effectively nixed the idea that babies are born ‘blank slates’ who passively receive and are moulded by the environment. Their work flipped the script on psychological views that had paid almost exclusive attention to the role of parents and the environment on child development, while ignoring the influence of the child’s innately endowed predispositions. Thomas and Chess, working with colleagues who progressed their original study, showed that neonates, sometimes just hours old, begin to inadvertently affect the physical and social environment by adapting, resisting, observing, reacting or ignoring it in ways nudged by their biological temperament, and that parents, siblings and other close people change the environment and/or their own behaviours in response. In other words, the environment and the baby have a dynamic bidirectional relationship from the very beginning, changing in response to each other. What’s more, this influence means that babies play a major role in their own development.”

Greater Good magazine: How to Stop the Pain of Wishing People Were Different (Makes life a lot easier when you just accept people for who & what they are)

BBC: Why some people can’t tell left from right (Raises hand….don’t ask me which one.)

Three things ~ 1.19.23

Things I’m loving this week


Snow covered trees and blue skies. This past weekend was stunningly beautiful with snow lining every branch and surface and the sun making it all sparkle and pop with a vibrant blue-sky background. I took full advantage of the chance to enjoy the scenery, running twice, hiking twice, and snowshoeing with friends, too.


Dog puzzles. On days we can’t walk Haddie, she can be ….ahem…obnoxious. So, I recently bought a bunch of enrichment toys, including some treat balls, lick mats (which she of course, she licked clean…then started to eat…sigh)  and this puzzle game.  I didn’t actually think she’d be able to figure out the treat puzzle (I love her, but she’s clearly not the brightest pup in the litter), but it didn’t take long for her to move the covers to get the bits of scalloped potato (leftovers) I put in each hole.


Odis 12. Dan and I had a couples date with our friends Betsy and David and we went to Odis 12, which I have always heard people rave about but Dan and I had never been there (we’re eastsiders, you know). But, the menu was extensive, the prices very reasonable, and the food was great. Definitely worth the big drive to the west side.

Things I’m not loving this week

Cold rain. It’s my least favorite kind of weather — near freezing and raining and windy, but….I’ll still take this over snow. (I know I just talked about how pretty the snow was, but I hate driving in it).

Rude students. I’m taking an Intro to Writing Fiction class (OMG….SO much better than Algebra!) and I’m shocked at how many students sit in class and play games on their phones or laptops. Yesterday, one girl opened a notebook and was clearly working on other homework while the teacher lectured right in front of her. I mean WTF is wrong with you? Why are they paying for classes and then not paying any attention? More importantly, why are they unaware (or unconcerned) that they are being completely disrespectful? I wanted to go all mom on that girls ass yesterday and remind her that she’s paying about $2,000 for that class so she might want to try to learn something, but I managed to reign it in.

Worth Reading ~ 1.18.23

A few articles, blog posts, and other things I think are worth your time.

Literary Hub: Judy Blume’s Advice for Aspiring Writers

New York Times: ‘You Have to Learn to Listen’: How a Doctor Cares for Boston’s Homeless

Scientific American: The Best New Year’s Resolution Might Be to Just Let Go of an Unfulfilled Life Goal

Time: 6 Surprising Things You Think Are Making You Happy—But Are Doing the Opposite