Three Things —2.23.17

Things I’m loving this week


Gull Point Trail. We’ve always wanted to explore this trail at Presque Isle State Park, but with it being closed to the public from April through November (to protect nesting shorebirds), the window to hike the trail is short and smack-dab in the middle of winter, which means the weather is not usually conducive to long walks on the beach. This weekend, however, provided the perfect opportunity to take the nearly-4-mile walk from the Beach 10 trailhead to the observation tower on Gull Point.


Warm weather. 45, 50 and 60+ degrees in February? I’ll take it.


Sleep insight. I’ve been wearing Kelly’s fitbit for the last week. It’s interesting to see how many steps (or lack there of) I rack up in a day. Let’s just say the fitbit makes it clear just how sedentary my sedentary job is. It’s also been especially insightful to see how much I sleep (more than I thought) and how often I’m awake and/or restless (again…more than I thought).

Things I’m not loving this week

A sick husband.  I could never be a nurse. I sincerely lack any compassion for ill people and I mostly just want them to stay away from me, which is really hard to do when they live in my house. Ugh. Here’s hoping it doesn’t run through the rest of the house.

Procrastinating. Writers….seriously….we are the WORST procrastinators.







Worth Reading — 2.22.17

A random collection of articles, blog posts, books, and other things I think are worth sharing.

New York Times: What We’re Fighting For (An op-ed from a former Marine who fought in Iraq)

“That’s why those Marines were trained to care for their enemy. That’s why another Marine gave his own blood to an insurgent. Because America is an idea as much as a country, and so those acts defend America as surely as any act of violence, because they embody that idea. That nurse, in the quiet, alone with that insurgent, with no one looking as he cared for his patient. That was an act of war.”

Yes! magazine: We Know Nature Makes Us Happier. Now Science Says It Makes Us Kinder Too (I think this is why I love running outside so much. I don’t even want to run if I can’t do it outdoors.)

BuzzFeed News: How Anna Nicole Smith Became America’s Punchline (Tragic…on a few levels)

Vox: A top Putin critic on how to oppose Trump: “making him look like a loser is crucial” (Very insightful and quite terrifying, frankly. Resisting these attacks against our government cannot (and should not) be a partisan issue — this is about our democracy and our way of life and everybody, left or right leaning, should care about that).

“We gave Putin a chance in Russia, and it was the last free election we ever had. It’s far better to act and later admit you overreacted than to do nothing until it’s impossible to act.”

I tried it: Charcoal glue mask


Today’s topic:  DIY beauty treatment that is reputed to remove blackheads

What it is: A “mask” made by mixing charcoal tablets  with Elmer’s glue. 

Why I tried it: All the cool kids were doing it. (It was Lauren’s idea. She saw it on YouTube).

What you need: Basic white glue, charcoal tablets, small bowl, paintbrush. We bought the charcoal (caplets) at WalMart—look near the medications for gas—for about $5.

img_2495  img_2497

What we did: Mixed one caplet into some glue in a small dish and used a paintbrush to brush it onto our faces (avoiding sensitive skin around eyes, etc.). We waited for it to dry (about 20 minutes), then peeled it off. Lauren only did the “T-zone” — her nose, forehead and chin. I did my whole face. That turned out to be a big mistake.

What it was like:  Painting it on was fun…the drying part was fine….the peeling-it-off part was excruciating. You know all those tiny, fine hairs on your face?No? Well…you will be keenly aware of every single one of them when you try to peel the glue mask off your face. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.


Did it work: Uh, I guess. I mean, my skin definitely felt softer and smoother when I finally got the damned glue off, but it was also kinda red from peeling glue off my face, so….

Would I recommend it to a friend? Not for your entire face! If you’re going to try this, I’d stick to the T-zone.

Would I do it again? Probably not. For the record, some beauty experts say you shouldn’t do it at all. some beauty experts say you shouldn’t do it at all.


Three Things — 2.16.17

Things I’m loving this week


Chocolate Cherry Coffee. The Giant Eagle GetGo near me has a new coffee flavor—choclate cherry coffee—and initially I was like…um…no. But, then I tried and it was surprised to find I actually like it, maybe even more so than the Salted Caramel.

Image result for flynn

Hey..remember that time this guy said this? (Karma’s a bitch, eh, Mike?)

The 45 shit show. Not going to lie, I am deriving a sick amount of pleasure from watching puffy, angry 45 and all his old, angry, white, male minions fumble, fight, and point fingers all over the place. We all knew he was incompetent. Now, after weeks of missteps, unlawful orders, and senseless twitter rants against every perceived “enemy” (the courts, Hillary, Obama, voter fraud, the NY Times and Washington Post, Nordtroms, and our own frickin’ CIA)…it’s pretty clear 45 is in way over his head. I bet he wishes he were still in his gold palace in NYC, eh?


Winter frosting.  I’m not a big fan of running in snow, but that soft kind of snow that layers every single twig and branch sure does make for a beautiful world.

Things I’m not loving this week

Swimmer’s ear. Poor Lauren has double “swimmer’s ear” infections. This means no practice/swim for a while and earplugs and post-swim drying drops when she gets back in the water (hopefully) next week. After several days of drops, she’s finally starting to feel better. (Earaches are ridiculously painful, I know).

Itchy sweaters. I have a thick winter sweater that I love because I like the way it looks and fits, but…it’s itchy and even if I wear a tank top below it to minimize sweater-t0-skin contact, I still want to rip it off by 2:30 p.m. I should probably just give it away.





Worth Reading — 2.15.17

A random collection of articles, blog posts, books, and other things I think are worth sharing.

Psychology Today: Getting Over Rover: Why Our Grief Over a Dog Is So Intense (If you’ve ever had a dog, get your tissues….)

ADDitude Magazine: Reasons Your a Great Mom

“When describing my daughter — Natalie was diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder at age five — I usually say, “She’s easy to love, but hard to raise.”

New York Times: Why Nobody Cares that the President is Lying

“For years, as a conservative radio talk show host, I played a role in that conditioning by hammering the mainstream media for its bias and double standards. But the price turned out to be far higher than I imagined. The cumulative effect of the attacks was to delegitimize those outlets and essentially destroy much of the right’s immunity to false information. We thought we were creating a savvier, more skeptical audience. Instead, we opened the door for President Trump, who found an audience that could be easily misled.”

Hands-Free Mamma: What You Don’t Realize You’re Doing May Change the Way You See Yourself

Boot storage hack

I fell in love with tall boots last year and have since amassed a collection so large I had to move them into another closet where I lined them up on a couple of shelves.

But, they wouldn’t stand up on their own and were forever leaning over or flat-out falling over and knocking the whole row down.

#firstworldproblems, I know (whaaaaah…my 12 pairs of boots won’t stand up nice). But, it was annoying and I couldn’t justify spending $100+ on a dozen boot shapers.

Then, I had this brilliant idea:


I rolled up old t-shirts and shoved them down to the ankle part of each boot (it’s key to push the shirts down to the ankle part):




(Ignore the boots on the far ends of the 2nd shelf, I didn’t put shirts in those yet.I need to raid the husband’s closet for unwanted race shirts.)


Friday funny: Sean Spicer on SNL

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s likely you’ve already seen this, but…it’s worth watching like 1,234 times because it’s going to go down in history as one of the best skits ever on SNL:

Melissa McCarthy is the bomb.

And, of course, D.T. is pissed….but mostly because angry Sean was portrayed by a woman. LOL. You’re insecurities are soooo obvious Trump. You’ve shown everyone your weakenesses…and we’re going to use them against you.