Three things — 12.14.17

Three things I’m loving this week

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Tim Horton’s Holiday Tim-Bits. Latte and gingerbread Tim-Bits?! Yes, please. I love Tim-Bits because I can totally buy the kids a 10 pack, steal two, and keep lying to myself about how I never eat donuts.  Tim-Bits are so small that I don’t feel like they actually count. It’s like eating a Snickers Mini or those tiny Hershey bars. Oh, I know my pants are like…bitch, they count, but, hey, it gives me something to work for if/when I ever run again, right?


Alabama did not let us down. Well, white men (and a whole lot of white women) did, especially those “conservative Christians” who can excuse pedophiles and think a man so corrupt that he was removed from office TWICE would be a better choice than a Democrat, but…whatever… Screw, y’all. Black women took down Steve Bannon’s boy…and I could not be prouder of them.  Ladies, it’s up to us to save this country from itself, stop the boys from fighting (and whipping their willies out to show everyone…oh, they are all soooo proud of their appendages), clean up the mess they’ve made, and get this country back on track. I don’t think the men can handle it anymore; they’re too distracted by egos, money, and sex.

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A big family.  I have four siblings…and while we are all very different people (seriously, we cannot even bring up anything close to politics), when push comes to shove, we’ve got each others’ backs, which is pretty much the definition of family, right? With my dad’s myriad of health issues, I’ve never been more grateful to have a bunch of siblings (and their spouses) all living here in Erie to lean on. It may have been annoying to have so many people to share everything with when I was younger, but there are no words for how fortunate I am to have them now.

Three things I’m not loving this week

Slippy snow. I don’t know if it’s my new ride, my tires, or just the nature of the snow this past week, but I’m sliding all over the place on that soft, squishy, slushy crap.

Crooked trunks. I think that photo says it all, no?

Slippy disks.  I had five days of steroids and five days of awesome. But, I’m out of pills and the back pain is back (probably halved, but…still…). I’m not partial to getting more steroids (you know they make you fat, right? Also, they make you angry and I think we all know that is more fuel I don’t need thrown on the fire that’s been burning in me since 11.9.17), so I guess I’m going to have to suck it up and go to P.T. after all. Sigh.


Worth Reading — 12.13.17

A random collection of articles, blog posts, books, and other things I think are worth sharing.

New York Times: The G.O.P. is Rotting. (Is rotting? I think I’d make that past tense: They have rotted.)

“The Republican Party I grew up with admired excellence. It admired intellectual excellence (Milton Friedman, William F. Buckley), moral excellence (John Paul II, Natan Sharansky) and excellent leaders (James Baker, Jeane Kirkpatrick). Populism abandoned all that — and had to by its very nature. Excellence is hierarchical. Excellence requires work, time, experience and talent. Populism doesn’t believe in hierarchy. Populism doesn’t demand the effort required to understand the best that has been thought and said. Populism celebrates the quick slogan, the impulsive slash, the easy ignorant assertion. Populism is blind to mastery and embraces mediocrity.”

Washington Post: Journalists: Forget the Rust Belt diners. Head for the suburban yoga classes (Hell hath no fury, boys. We are pissed beyond measure. And, we’re done letting you destroy this country.)

Scary Mommy: Shalane Flanagan Is Inspiring AF, Proves Every Woman Needs A ‘F*ck Yeah!’ Moment  (Every time I watch this video, and…yep…I’ve watched it more than a few times…I tear up and think “F*ck, Yeah, sister! F*ck, Yeah!”)

And…now…for something a little more gentle, but no less important….

Hands-Free Mamma: Am I Invisible? The Pain-Relieving Response to Being Rejected or Excluded

“Because what we can do individually to heal the world’s collective pain is quite miraculous. We can half the pain by being one person’s person.”


Three things — 12.7.17

Things I’m loving this week

This salad has everything I love about a cheeseburger, sans the bun. Chopped romaine, tomatoes, avocado, pickles and shredded cheese are topped with grilled burgers and red onions and drizzled with a seriously delicious dressing.

Cheeseburger Salad. Sounds gross, but…seriously…this Cheeseburger Salad was really, really good. Like eating a burger without the bun (which is the part I don’t care for anyway). We actually didn’t add the avocado because it was, of course, not ripe yet…and we didn’t use the cheese either because…I don’t know…probably just forgot. It was still great.

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Free organic meat. Dan bagged a buck on Saturday and while I’m sorry that animal had to give it’s life, I’m happy to fill the freezer with a bunch of free organic meat. Bonus: He got it late Saturday, which meant we had to miss his company Christmas party (so he could skin the poor thing), which meant that I did not have to find a dress to fit me or put on makeup, heels, or a bra, and make small talk, which I despise.

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Sewing. I’m grateful that I learned to sew when I was a teen. I’m no seamstress and patterns/instructions often frustrate me, but I know enough to whip up a few Christmas presents using Simplicity patterns. Also, it’s quiet time alone in the basement…away from other humans…and that’s really best for me (and my family) right now.

Things I’m not loving this week

Everything else. Seriously, I can’t even stand myself these days let alone anyone or anything else.  I’ll bet that’s pretty clear to you by now though, eh?



Worth Reading — 12.6.17

A random collection of articles, blog posts, books, and other things I think are worth sharing.

Yes Magazine: How to Break Away from Capitalism (It has destroyed this country.)

Neiman Reports: When Women Stand Up Against Harassers in the Newsroom

“The reason it is so easy for women to believe the avalanche of accusations about harassment and sexual abuse is that most of us are members of a reluctant sorority. We don’t need to have suffered the worst to have seen that men can abuse with impunity. And it is not coincidental that our industry—where harassers recently have been toppled at National Public Radio, CBS, Fox, NBC, The New Republic, and elsewhere—employs so few women in the most senior roles. The fix is not sexual harassment training, but more people in leadership who already know better.”

ProPublica: Bombs in Your Backyard (“The military spends more than a billion dollars a year to clean up sites its operations have contaminated with toxic waste and explosives. These sites exist in every state in the country. Some are located near schools, residential neighborhoods, rivers and lakes. A full map of these sites has never been made public – until now.”)

ADDitude Magazine: 40 Little Life Hacks from ADHD Gurus  (Not just for those with ADHD…some useful tips for everyone here.)

Three Things — 11.30.17

Things I’m loving this week

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Organizing at 5 a.m. I haven’t been able to run and/or workout since Nov. 11….not that I’m counting days or anything….so I’ve been getting up at 4:50 a.m. anyway (not going to get lazy and start “sleeping in”, for God’s sake…I will run again, you know) and doing organizing jobs around my house: little jobs (or parts of big jobs) that I can complete in an hour. So far, I’ve tackled my bedside table, two messy bathroom drawers, under the bed, the husband’s dresser, my entire cedar chest, and half of my closet. I realize this may sound psychotic, but I’m excited about getting up at 4:50 a.m. and doing more organizing. I get some sort of sick pleasure from clearing clutter and simplifying my life.  (Did I mention I did Kelly’s closet, too?)

Asking…and receiving. I am a typical woman in that I often don’t want to “bother” people and will accept a lot of stuff just because I don’t want to make someone else’s life more difficult, but this week I am happy that I sucked it up and asked someone for help. I had paid $55 a piece for Kelly and I to do the  A Christmas Story 10K on Saturday in Cleveland, but….thanks to the herniated disk, there will be no running a 6.21 mile race for me. That’s fine. But, I didn’t want Kelly to miss out. But, it’s hunting season, you know, so Dan wasn’t going. Plan B was to switch us to the “virtual race” where they send you the shirt, bib & medal and you run your own race, but it was closed. I emailed the R.D. to see if he might send us the shirt/medal after the race and he opened the virtual option back up for us. Now…it cost me another $15 each to switch but….whatever, right?

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The Washington Post. Moral of this story: Do not f%^$ with the Post or any legit print newspaper journalist. This is REAL journalism. They investigate everything….they smell rats…they report objectively…they accept nothing as gospel. #nottheenemy. I’m truly enjoying watching the WaPo play with this dead mouse. 

Things I’m not loving this week

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Christmas spending. I don’t even want to look at my Visa bill. I feel held hostage by the holidays each year….and I don’t even spend that much or buy for that many, but this holiday is still going to end up costing me nearly $1,000, which I’m sure is a downright pittance compared to what some people spend. I will say we’re making a lot of gifts this year, but even that costs both time and money.

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Back pain. If there is a Hell, no doubt all of its residents have bulging disks in their spine. Natural childbirth is less painful (and faster).

My mood. No booze. No running. No workouts with friends. Trying to avoid sugar. You might want to stay away from me altogether. #dontpokethebear






Worth reading — 11.29.17

A random collection of articles, blog posts, books, and other things I think are worth sharing.

USA Today: Why You Shouldn’t Give Gifts to Grown Adults (#truth)

The Week: The Republican Tax Bill is Class Warfare (also #truth)

“The only possible conclusion is that the plutocracy is no longer satisfied with taking almost all the income growth. They now want to diminish everyone else’s share; as George Carlin once said, “they want more for themselves, and less for everybody else.”

PopSugar: After 18 Years of Running, I Gave It All Up For CrossFit (Interesting. I would wave this off as B.S., but I had that awesome year when I went paleo & focused on weight training & I lost a ton of weight & kept it off easily with nearly zero effort. Then, I started training for a marathon—stupid, stupid me—and started eating carbs again…and voila….soon gained back all I’d lost, and then some.)

The Washington Post: A woman approached The Post with dramatic — and false — tale about Roy Moore. She appears to be part of undercover sting operation.  (Do not f%^& with the Post (or any real newspaper journalists). This is how REAL journalists handle shit — they smell rats, they ferret them out, they call them out, they hold people accountable, the INVESTIGATE everything. So…eff all the “fake media” B.S. being lobbed around by the right. The only “fake media” in this country is from Russia and from Trump’s propaganda channels, i.e. Fox News, Beirbart….or however you spell that…I’m not even looking it up because I just don’t care, man.