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Three things I’m loving this week

TSP-PF 16-oz All-Purpose Cleaner

TSP cleaner. My kids destroyed our beige Berber living room carpet years ago. It’s so bad, that we gave up even trying to get the stains out and just bought an area rug to throw over as many stains as it would cover.  The worst of the worst stains is a dinner-plate size syrup stain — dark and sticky, despite many, many attempts to remove it from the carpet. In complaining to my inlaws, they told me about a product they’d just discovered worked on the carpets in their rental apartments (read: stained as badly as mine by tenants who don’t own the place and, so, do not give a shit).

I sent Dan to the hardware store to get some. Of course, could not find it. And, of course, did not ask (he IS a man). So, I went in, asked a sales clerk and told him I planned to use it on my carpets. He gave me a quizzical/eyebrow raised look and led me to a  giant cardboard box of powder in the paint department that is used to clean walls before painting. Figuring I really had nothing to lose if the stuff ate a hole through my carpet — and maybe it would, at least, be less sticky than the syrup stain — I bought it.

I wouldn’t say our carpets look like new, but TSP removed the syrup stain (that is at least 2 years old). I wouldn’t suggest you use this on your good carpets, but if, like me, you have kids that refuse to follow the no-food-in-the-living-room rule and you’re *this close* to ripping every fiber of carpet off the floor, you may want to give TSP a try.


The weather! Oh, what a gift this week has been. Sandals, capris, sunshine, blue skies. I can’t help but think it comes with strings….Mother Nature must be planning something really shi$%# next week.


Fun-loving family members. I will say this about my inlaws: They are tight and  they are always out to have a good time. (That may or may not have to do with my father-in-law’s abundant supply of homemade brandy, but I digress…) When Halloween rolled around (and we invited everyone to our house for a party), my brother in law, Bill, decided to bring his father’s Farmall tractor that he had restored and hooked it up to a trailer. He even went and begged a few hay bales from his horse-owning neighbors, so we could have an old-fashioned country family Halloween. How awesome is that?

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Lake Erie Speedway. So….in the subject of “how awesome is that?” our Team Adrenaline leader and chiropractor/fitness guru, Steve Krauza, talked the Lake Erie Speedway into letting us have a 90-minute workout at the facility, which is currently closed for the season. Last Saturday — Halloween morning — we did sprints crash-up-derby style, raced around the track on foot playing red light/green light (I don’t care what you do…you’re workouts are never that fun…just admit it) and then we ran the heck out of those bleachers. Krauza got the idea while attending an event at LES this summer and thinking (*cough* sadistically *cough*) about how he’d love to make the group run THOSE bleachers.  He said he called them up, expecting to get a polite “no” and was surprised to get an immediate “sure.”

Whatever your fitness level…you’ll fit right in at Team Adrenaline. Join us…we workout (outside) all winter long and we like it. Seriously.

Three things I’m not loving this week

Minefields and mean people. Oh, man, did I inadvertently step into a couple minefields this week. The funny thing is…when people rant or go off on me, all I think is how terribly sad it is and how miserable their life must be and what a waste. If you’re that unhappy, you really need to make some changes.

The pain of starting a new workout routine. In an effort to get back on track with my weight training and fit back into my favorite dress pants, I started a new 12-week program (yeah…that’s right…right before the holidays and I. do. not. care.) and I am feeling the burn. Today is the first day since I started the program on Monday that I could walk without wincing.

Parenting a kid with ADHD. This is hard. She’s smart (I’ve got the high IQ score results to prove it), but she can’t seem to get stuff done. And, I don’t know how to parent this child because her inability keep track of things or complete tasks is not “really” her fault. It’s not a discipline problem. She’s not willfully disobeying or ignoring instructions/requests, and yet she has two D’s and an F on her report card that I have to deal with. *sigh*  I need a support group. Or a stiff drink (or thirty).