Three Things — 5.11.17

Things I’m loving this week

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Lilacs. These fragrant spring flowers make me so happy. I have three bushes in my yard and just planted another one.

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We had 5 relay teams this year….that’s a lotta ladies….

Pittsburgh Marathon Relay.  All the fun and glory of a big-city marathon with a fraction of the miles. If you’ve always wanted to run a 26.2 or a 13.1 but just aren’t there yet, find yourself four friends and put together a relay team for the Pittsburgh Marathon (first Sunday in May each year). I’ve done this for four years now, I think. It’s very well organized and a lot of fun to do with friends. (For the most fun…have a couple teams so every runner has someone to wait with at the relay exchange points).


Vela. This is my new favorite place on the internets. It’s full of stories, articles, and essays written by women. I learned about this site by listening to this podcast and now I want to be Sarah Menkendick’s best friend, but she’s like 850 times cooler than me.  I’ve long wanted to start my own “thing” (not sure what), but…a woman’s magazine kinda…but without the trouble of print (been there, done that). I’ve even got a great name…and a mission statement….now I just need to find the time/energy to actually figure out what I want to do and do it.

Things I’m not loving this week

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Cohesion 10 (note the hard flat sole)

Saucony’s hard-ass sole changes. Saucony, Saucony, Saucony… could you do this to me? While I listened to friends whine about how Brooks or Asics or Nike changed their favorite running shoe, I would say….that’s why I love Saucony, they don’t screw around with their shoes. But, then you did. What the HELL did you do the soles in the Cohesion 9 & up? Hard as a rock. Not good for those of us accustomed to the cushioned ride we expect from Saucony. I’ve been wearing your shoes for….oh….18 years….this is the first time I’ve wanted to look at other brands. I’ve now bought THREE PAIRS of Cohesion 9s and 10s…that are now “walking shoes” because I can’t run in them. Why have you forsaken me???

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Cohesion 8 (note the cushioned, raised sole)

45. Our paranoid, narcissistic, clueless, idiot-in-chief will never leave my “things I’m not loving” list until he finally resigns or is forced out of office.  It’s bound to happen…maybe now sooner than later. (BTW…who let the Russians bring photographers into the Oval Office? F@#$ng amateurs are going to get us all killed.)

Rain…rain…rain…rain. What is this freakin Seattle?

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Worth reading — 5.10.17

A random collection of articles, blog posts, books, and other things I think are worth sharing.

Huffpost Travel: The Safest Seat on a Plan, According to Studies of Crash Data (This will make you feel better if, like me, you’re usually stuck in the tail end of the plane.)

NY Magazine: No Sympathy for the Hillbilly. (Yeah…this is where I’m at right now…f^&% them. They keep biting the Liberal hands that feed them…so…fine then…fend for yourself. We’ll be fine because we’ve adapted,  but… who are wanting to “make America great again,” well…you’ve not.)

“Vance has limited sympathy for his mother or the other drug addicts and “welfare queens,” all white, of his hometown. He describes in detail how they game entitlements like food stamps to support their addictions, whether to opioids or flashy consumer goods. Echoing Williamson, he accuses them of responding to the collapse of the old industrial economy “in the worst way possible,” by acting “like a persecuted minority” and blaming everyone but themselves for their plight: “We talk about the value of hard work but tell ourselves the reason we’re not working is some perceived unfairness: Obama shut down the coal mines, or all the jobs went to the Chinese.”

Yoganonymous: 25 Parts of Yourself You Should Never Change

Experience Life: The Art of Enough

“We are like fish, and consumption is our water,” says Greg McKeown, author of Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. “We don’t even realize how much it surrounds us and becomes a part of us. We’re swimming in the idea that if you have more, then you can be happy.”

Working Moms Against Guilt: Easier my A**. What it’s Really Like Parenting Tweens and Teens

Outside Magazine: Your Photos are Getting in the Way of Your Adventure (I’ve been using my camera much less often lately — as you may have noticed — I’ve started to feel ike I’m viewing the world through a lens/a filter/ a middle man. And for what? I never have time to do anything with the photos…and I’m so far behind in printing them that now it would probably cost me $5,000 at Yorkphoto. Hell, I haven’t even uploaded photos to the site since like 2014, I think.)

Three things — 5.4.17

Things I’m loving this week

This song. I usually buy the Grammy Nominees CD each year (yeah…I’m that dork that still occasionally buys actual CDs) and Demi Lovato’s “Confident” is one of the songs on this year’s CD that the girls and I have been enjoying singing at the top of our lungs in the car.  My fav line: “I used to hold my freak back, now I’m letting it go.” My second fav part: “I make my own choice; yeah, I run this show….No, you can’t make me behave.”  Speaks to a lot of where I’m at right now…and where I hope my daughters get to long before the 40+ years it took me.


Kelly’s Creative Writing class. She’s doing the coolest stuff in this class and I’m so jeallllllousss…. Where were these cool electives when I was in school and had the choice of home ec. or wood shop?

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Private swim lessons. The local Y offers private swim lessons and I decided to sign up for a 5-session stint in hopes of figuring out the bi-lateral breathing thing in time for the Bay Swim in June.  My coach, Don, has really tailored his lessons to prepare me for an open-water swim, having me work not just on bi-lateral breathing (breathing on both right and left side), but also on the Tarzan stroke to help with “sighting” (looking up to make sure you’re going in the right way), the breast stroke to be used as a rest stroke, and switching between all these strokes without using the wall (no walls in Lake Erie).  Best $60 I’ve spent in a long time.

Things I’m not loving this week

Missing lens cap. If I had the money I’ve spent on buying replacement lens caps, I could probably get the Canon SX60 I really want. I don’t know if I’ve banged my SX50 into walls too many times and messed up the lens opening or what, but I cannot find a replacement cap that fits now. The standard 52 mm cap …even when I spring for the “Canon” brand name… pops right off.  I sent another one back today.  At this rate, it won’t be long before my lens is scratched/ruined and I’ll HAVE to buy that SX60 anyway, right?

People who buy overpriced clothes. It’s pretty clear the rest of the world lives very differently than me. A blogger I read occasionally posted about how much she loves her new running tights, so I click on the link — $118 for capris. I’m sure they are lovely and feel like buttah, but…I get my running capris at Walmart for like $13.50. If I am splurging, I’ll go to Target and pay $35.  I wouldn’t even pay $118 for work clothes.

Blogging. Clearly, right? I don’t know…I just haven’t been into it lately. I feel this need to just…keep my circle tight right now. What have I been doing with my evenings? Mostly running kids around and reading.  It’s enough for now.


Worth Reading — 5.3.17

A random collection of articles, blog posts, books, and other things I think are worth sharing.

Five Thirty Eight: What Science Says To Do If Your Loved One Has An Opioid Addiction (I hope you never have cause to read this, but…if you do….helpful info. Conventional treatment, prison, and “tough love” is not the best approach.)

“Abstinence-based rehabs — typically, inpatient programs that last 28 days or longer, such as the one seen in “Celebrity Rehab” — have not been found to be effective. ‘Rehab kills people,’….”

Today: If I had Written A Blog As a Teen in the 1980s (OMG….Yes! Thank God I didn’t though…)

Moments a Day: 10 Powerful Ways to Show Your Kids You Love Them Without Using Words

John Pavlovitz: The Christians Who Defunded Jesus (THIS.)

“If feeding and caring for people is indeed the sole role of the Church and not the Government, why are so many people still starving, still hurting? You’ve been open for business for 2,000 years now—supposedly the business of reflecting the character of Jesus and replicating his life. How much longer is it going to take? Just what in the hell have you been waiting for? When in God’s name are you going to tangibly demonstrate an empathy that resembles Jesus, because from where I’m standing, all I can make out is a whole lot of self-righteous judges who seem determined to pass the buck, unwilling to show empathy, and violently allergic to really loving the least.”