Three things ~ 7.7.21

Things I’m loving this week


Lake-side kayak storage racks. Edinboro Township has these great racks lining the lake. You can rent a space for $40 for the season and store your boat right next to the lake instead of lugging it there every time you go. It’s not practical for me since I don’t ‘yak in the ‘boro very often, but is a great idea that could be replicated by Presque Isle State Park or other lake locations, such as Shades Beach or Freeport Beach.

Sunset Grill in Edinboro. I finally got to this lakeside restaurant recently and had lunch with a friend. I had a hard time choosing what to order because there were so many items on the menu that I liked. The atmosphere was great and the prices were pretty decent, too. We will definitely return.

IUGA high-waisted yoga pants. I bought these are Prime Day when they were on sale for about $15. There is a reason they have nearly five-star reviews. They are awesome. Soft….like buttah….  Waiting for a sale to buy another pair or two. I don’t even use them for running (though I could), but for lounging and everyday wear.

Big cloud sky. Nothing I love more than a blue sky filled with puffy 3-D clouds.

Firestick. Another Prime Day purchase, I wasn’t sure we needed a Firestick or why it would be useful. Now I know. It’s easy to plug into any TV and our outdoor projector, and….more importantly, it searches all of our streaming services at once and even used VOICE commands. Worth the $25 for that alone.

Things I’m not loving

Hose nozzles. I think I’ve bought about every kind of nozzle available for our hoses and they all break. All of them. Cheap. Expensive. Pricey. Plastic. Metal. The ones that seem to last the longest are simple brass nozzles, but even those don’t last more than a year or two.

Wasting time. There is nothing I hate more than feeling I wasted a day…waiting around for someone or something, especially a beautiful, sunny summer day.

Party planning. Lauren’s grad party is Saturday and I can’t wait for Sunday. 🙂 I don’t like hosting parties…it’s all just so expensive and stressful and we are always at the mercy of the weather.

Worth Reading ~ 7.7.21


A few articles, blog posts, and other things I think are worth your time.

Washington Post:  She wanted to stay. Her landlord wanted her out. 

New York Times: Amber Tamblyn: Britney Spears’s Raw Anger, and Mine

The Conversation: IQ tests can’t measure it, but ‘cognitive flexibility’ is key to learning and creativity

NPR: As The Pandemic Recedes, Millions Of Workers Are Saying ‘I Quit’

Three things ~ 7.1.21

Things I’m loving this week


Finishing a Tri with Lauren.  What seemed like a good idea in February seemed downright stupid last weekend when I was standing around in my bathing suit preparing to do the Big Fish sprint triathlon with Lauren. It was hard….for us. The goal was always to complete, not to compete and…we met the goal. The swim was fine. The bike was harder than we expected and the run was hard for Lauren because chafing (ugh!). We did love the event though. The weather was PERFECT, the volunteers were kind and plentiful, the after-event food was great, the medals and age group awards were gorgeous (handmade pottery!). I’m not sure Lauren would do another one, but I might.

running with friends

Running with my crew in the morning. I’m still working from home a few days a week, which means I have more flexibility in meeting up with friends to run in the morning and I LOVE IT! We can meet at 6:45 and I can still be “at work” at 8 a.m. I will sure miss then when I have to return to the office full time in August.

gazebo night movies

Outdoor movies, poolside. Guys, Dan and his brother, Jeff, build this awesome gazebo over our gas fireplace and then I ordered some comfy, outdoor couches and it is my new favorite place on our entire property. I love it so much. This spring, we bought a projector to show movies outside and the pool fence is the perfect “screen.”  #heavenly


Avanti’s breakfast. Dan had never been to Avanti’s, even though he’s a biiiig breakfast lover, so we decided to take him for Father’s Day. We are early risers, so we had no problem getting table at 8 a.m. It was worth every dollar!


My  new paddleboard. I’d been jonesing for a paddleboard for quite some time. When the inflatable I had my eye on dropped in price (and I got paid for some freelance work), the time was right. We’ve not had a chance to use it outdoors much (we’ve used it in the pool), but….I already love it. Though, i will only be going out on very calm days (for now).

Things I’m not loving

not loving key costs

A $200 spare key. An extra key for Lauren’s 2008 Ford Focus cost $190.75. THAT. IS. INSANE.

Worth Reading ~ 6.30.21

A few articles, blog posts, and other things I think are worth your time.

Texas Monthly:I Would Only Rob Banks for my Family’

The Guardian: ‘It’s brutal’: Las Vegas cooks amid blazing heatwave – and it’s going to get worse (I mean…..why are people still building homes there? IT. IS. A. DESERT.

Prevention: How to Get rid of flies inside and outside your home (I hate flies….especially fruit flies. I have to tell you…these work really well with a little cider vinegar in them!)

Esquire: How a Freak Accident Happens


Three things ~ 6.24.21

Things I’m loving this week

open water at 20 mile

OWS at Twenty Mile in North East. After our horrendous OWS (open water swim) experience at Findley Lake last week, I didn’t think we’d go again before the Triathlon, but my friend Kristen assured me the lake was not weedy or gross, so on a calm night, we gave it a shot and I loved it. MUCH more positive experience and so cool that I hope to do OWS there even after the tri just because it was cool, and….a great workout, too.


Catching up with snowbird friends. We spent another not-so-calm evening at the lake at Beach No. 1 at PISP catching up with a couple of snowbird friends who recently returned to town for the summer. Love it when all our snowbird running friends fly back!

Lauren’s Grad day gift. I waited too long to order it, so it didn’t arrive in time for graduation day, which was the whole point, but….oh, well, it’s still pretty neat and definitely unique. Captured the 2021 grad year experience for sure.

ladie's group

Eastside Ladies Monday Night Cycling Group. I always talk about how much I hate cycling, but I hate it much less with friends. In fact, I’d almost say I like it. This night I had planned to cut the ride short, but ended up going the full 17 miles just cause I was having fun. Yes….fun…on a bike. Go figure.

mushroom pasta

One-Pot Creamy Mushroom And Spinach Orzo. Ours didn’t turn out quite as creamy — probably because we did not use cremini mushrooms or fresh parmesan. There’s a pretty good chance we didn’t even use enough regular parmesan cheese (Lauren made it), but….it still turned out really good, though if I were making it, I’d have put in a lot more spinach than Lauren did.

dogwood trees

Dogwood trees. I mean….c’mon…..look at these trees full of pretty flowers!

Things I’m not loving this week

Hmmmm……maybe I’ll just focus on the positive this week, eh? It feels wrong for me to sit here and think of things I’m mad about if nothing comes to me naturally or I didn’t note something earlier. Pollyanna? Whatever. Why look for bad stuff?