Three Things — 11.2.17

Three things I’m loving this week

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Short Story Collections. I’ve been hooked on short story collections lately, probably because they are so easily digestible and you can quickly consume an entire book by reading just one story a day. I re-read Stephen King’s Night Shift, then I read the Allegheny Front (too much hunting/gore for me), and now I’m working my way through Ten Little Indians by Sherman Alexie.

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FB gifs. I’ve been hating on FB for awhile now. I even removed it from my phone and disabled any and all notifications from the app. I routinely refuse to give it permissions to do things just because…and I will never fill out my personal profile in any more (scant) detail than they have now. Also, I blame them for the likely downfall of our Democracy because of their corporate greed, but….but…but….gotta say, I love the new “gif” button that allows you to respond to any post with a gif, which is pretty much all I’m doing anymore.

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Stranger Things. I’m not a big TV watcher, but when my fellow non-TV-loving friends start talking about a show as must-see TV, I pay attention, especially if it’s on Netflix. I like to binge watch Netflix while I work in the kitchen, so this weekend, I watched most of the first season of Stranger Things (I had a lot of cooking and crafting to do!), and it lived up to the hype. I’m still pretty confused, but totally hooked.

Things I’m not loving this week

The weather. Cold, windy, raining….is there any more miserable weather conditions? Snow, you say? Meh…at least snow is pretty and it doesn’t soak you to the skin.

Firing up the furnaces. We held out until October 31, but…when the snow starts flying (like it did that morning), it’s time to give in and start paying winter ransom to the National Fuel.

Under Armour, the company. I found this story about UA’s Very Bad Year to be amusing…mostly because they blame it all on prices and didn’t touch the fact that the UA’s CEO got tangled up with Toxic Trump — first professing his admiration for the Tweeter-in-Chief, which led to people like me vowing never to buy UA again….then facing a backlash from Trumpeters when backpedaled to try and save his skin, er, stock.  Too little, too late, Mr. Plank. I’m not going to burn my UA, but I’m sure not going to buy anymore of it.

Worth Reading — 11.1.17

Jon Pavloviz: No, It’s Not You. This is Crazy.

“Right now there is a massive army of similarly walking wounded sharing this place with you; fellow exhausted souls who realize that none of this makes any sense…”


Upworthy: Funny Picture of Kids Playing with “adult toys” is Really About Gun Safety (ingenious…and so smart. Humor is effective.).

PaleoHacks: 10 Toxins Lurking in Your Cookware (& How to Make Them Safer)

Highline: Four Quitters Walk Into a Bar

Worth Reading — 11.1.17

A random collection of articles, blog posts, books, and other things I think are worth sharing.

Washington Post: Enough (This)

Picklebums: Why You Should Hug Your Kids When They Are Being Horrible (I’ve done this….not near enough, but enough to know that it actually really does work.)

USA Today: Girls are Stars in Girl Scouts. They’d be Supporting Players in Boy Scouts (yet another “auxiliary” to a men’s group). The Gift of Death (This is fabulous and….why many of you on my shopping list will be receiving homemade gifts or no-waste gifts — tickets, experiences, etc. — this year. Take a run through a subdivision on garbage day the week after Christmas and it will make you weep. If not, we can’t be friends.)


Three things — 11.26.17

Things I’m loving this week

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Sheet-pan recipes. Holy sheet (you know I had to), I’m loving the simplicity of making an entire meal all at once with the hottest new trend in cooking. I wrote about the whole thing, including a few recipes that were a hit at my house at my Runner’s Notes blog.

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UPS Dogs. This is the greatest thing that’s happen to my Facebook feed since the darkest day (11.8.16). Now, my newsfeed is full of puppy dogs and men (and women) in brown who love them. It’s awesome. Go like “UPS Dogs” right now. You will not regret it. I hear they have an Instagram account, too.

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Baked apples. I always meant to get around to trying this baked apple recipe I found on Skinnytaste. Then, this week, when I bought more apples than I had room for in the fridge, I decided make use of the overflow instead of leaving them on the counter for the fruit flies to devour. And….wow…are they good. Healthy? That’s probably a stretch since the recipe includes both butter and brown sugar, but….whatever. Tis the season to pack on some winter weight, right?

Things I’m not loving this week

Samsung TVs. Folks, never buy a Samsung TV. We bought one at Target last year in November  — it was a 55″ SmartTV for like $550 or something like that — a pre-Christmas special.  Two months ago, Dan turned it on and it immediately blinked off and went dark. He fiddled with all the cords, checked all the connections, then called the company. Since it was still under a 1-year warranty, they sent a repairman (that took like three weeks). When the guy came, he inserted a new “brain” and the TV was fine. He wasn’t even out of the driveway before it blew out again. Another call to the company…..they decide they should just replace it because it’s clearly blowing out whatever this part is. BUT….here’s the kicker folks…and why you should NEVER buy a Samsung TV….they replaced it with a REFURBISHED TV — same model — with just a three MONTH warranty. And, because it’s refurbished, we were not even ABLE to buy an extended warranty. So….yeah, we just got screwed. Here’s hoping that TV lasts a few more years, but that seems unlikely…these SmartTVs (computers, you know) burn out pretty quick.

Sexy Goldfish costume. Really? This is what it’s come to? I swear there is no hope for this country.

Low-back pain. My personal nightmare (herniated disc) has returned with a vengence, and there is nothing that makes it feel better. Sitting, standing, laying down….it all hurts. I walk like I just crapped my pants and I haven’t run/biked/done Pilates in a week….  I’d keep your distance if I were you.

Worth Reading — 10.25.17

Becoming Minimalist: 35 Gifts Your Children Will Never Forget (Irony: the minimalist blog has a list that is 35 items long…LOL…but they are good gifts!).

NY Times: Yes, This is a Witch Hunt. And, I’m a Witch and I’m Hunting You Mindful Parenting How to Respond instead of React

Washington Post: Lulu the Dog Flunked Out of CIA Bomb-Sniffer School (I love this story….and I love Lulu. But then…I’m a classic Gen X Slacker, so….)

Laurenism: All rise….


In the car, driving home from swim practice:

Lauren: You know, I been thinking that if the science thing doesn’t work out, I’m going to be a judge.

Me: A judge? You want to be a lawyer?

Lauren: No, not a lawyer. I want to be a judge.

Me: Well, judges are lawyers first. You have to get a law degree and work as a lawyer before you can be a judge. That’s lot of school…and a lot of paperwork. Not really your strong suit.

Lauren: I guess not.

Me: What makes you want to be a judge anyway?

Lauren: I’ve been watching Judge Judy and it doesn’t look all that hard, and I like to wear all black. I don’t know if I could be as mean as her though. I hope I never end up on Judge Judy, she’d hate me because I talk way too much.

Me: Yeah, I think you better stick with science and stay out of the courtroom.