Things I’m loving this week

Echo Dot (2nd Generation) - Black

Alexa. I taught the old girl some new tricks (downloaded some “skills” for her) on Saturday night and…now…I’m finding a use for the little electronic dot in my kitchen. Alexa can now help Dan & I do a 5-minute plank challenge, come up with date ideas, make funny sounds, tell us the temperature and weather forecast, find my phone, and tell us inspiring short stories.

Image result for pope and trump

Pope Francis. I have loved this humble guy from Day 1 and now I love him all the more because not only did he give 45 a 200-page book on climate change (like he reads…), but he also gave us this priceless photo. It’s like manna from Heaven….  Methinks the Pope knows a fake Christian when he sees one.

beach concert

Sunset Music Series at Presque Isle

Summer in Erie. Anyone who tells you there is nothing to do in Erie, should check out this guide to all the live music concerts scheduled in the area this summer. Most of these are free, free, free, free. And, this is just the music…not even the special events, festivals and the myriad of classes and activities offered by everyone from Asbury Woods to the TREC center to Presque Isle State Park. Pick up an Erie Times-News today; you’ll want to keep the Showcase (entertainment) section which lists more summer activities than you can fit in your calendar.

Things I’m not loving this week

Verizon Wireless and the NFL. I desperately want to pull my husband — the last remaining family member — from the greedy clutches of Verizon Wireless because he pays twice what I do for service through Crickett Wireless AND he needs a new phone. You know VW just loves to stick it to their consumers on those. But he won’t leave because…the effin’ NFL app. With the free app on Verison, he can stream all the NFL games on his phone.  Verizon is the only one that has the app and you can’t buy it or anything like it if you don’t have cable.  Bastards got my husband, and therefore me, by the snarglies.

Inability to find a lap suit that is “just right”. Too tight. Too revealing. Too loose. Too padded. Too matronly.  Too open in the back. I keep ordering lap suits from and have yet to find one that fits me right. By now, I have probably spent the $100 I would’ve spent buying one that I could try on at a local sports store.  *sigh*