What I tried: Spray painting a plastic Suncast storage container.

Why I tried it: I had a plastic outdoor storage container on my back porch that I used to store outdoor items like sunscreen and bug spray. It had become stained and discolored over the years and I was contemplating buying a new one but hated to spend money on a perfectly useful item just because it was discolored. So, I figured that I may as well try painting it because I had nothing to lose.

What I did:  I bought a can of Rustoleum Painter’s Touch Primer+Paint in Fossil for about $4.50 at Home Depot  (Then I went back and bought two more….see “What You Need to Know” below)

How it worked: Perfectly! It worked much better than I expected and the container looks brand new:

paint 4

Beyond plastic: Once the Suncast container and a plastic beverage table turned out so well, I started looking around the yard to see what else needed painting. We painted a pair of wooden Adirondack chairs in a fun new blue color and I painted an oak Cracker Barrel rocking chair a light beige to fit right into my front porch decor.

What you need to know:  It will likely more than one can, especially if you’re painting a wood item. Also, if you’re painting wooden furniture, choose high-gloss paint or buy a high-gloss clear spray to finish it.

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