It started snowing on Christmas Eve…those big, fat, fluffy, pretty flakes. It was gorgeous and quaint and nothing out of the ordinary for Erie in December. Until it never freaking stopped…for like four days.

It just kept coming and coming and coming as that storm sat over Lake Erie, picking up warm water and throwing it at all of us in solid form. I think the total was over 80 inches (more than six feet) when it was all said and done.

Our backyard topped out at just under four feet (those closer to the lake got more), but it was more snow all at once that I remember seeing in my lifetime. (Word has it there was a similar Xmas storm in 1977, but I was five, so…I don’t remember it).

I was eternally grateful for two things: My dad’s funeral service was over before any of the nasty stuff hit (treacherous travel would’ve only made things 100 times worse), and the girls and I had the whole week off and didn’t really have to go anywhere.  I missed a couple of appointments/events that were canceled or rescheduled, but…in general…we got off easy because by the time we had some “can’t miss” stuff on Thursday, the major snow had stopped and the main roads and interstates were cleaned up.

After the snow, came the cold. It’s currently 5 degrees in the city by the bay. So, that snow is not melting anytime soon, which is good because if we get a fast warmup, flooding is going to be a major concern as all that snow melts and makes its way back to the lake.

Meanwhile, Erie is frozen in a beautiful suspended winter state. Here are a few of my photos from the big storm, from the first big dump to the final tally (, so far, I hear there’s more on the way this weekend…oi vey…where are we going to put it all?)

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