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Five Thirty Eight: What Science Says To Do If Your Loved One Has An Opioid Addiction (I hope you never have cause to read this, but…if you do….helpful info. Conventional treatment, prison, and “tough love” is not the best approach.)

“Abstinence-based rehabs — typically, inpatient programs that last 28 days or longer, such as the one seen in “Celebrity Rehab” — have not been found to be effective. ‘Rehab kills people,’….”

Today: If I had Written A Blog As a Teen in the 1980s (OMG….Yes! Thank God I didn’t though…)

Moments a Day: 10 Powerful Ways to Show Your Kids You Love Them Without Using Words

John Pavlovitz: The Christians Who Defunded Jesus (THIS.)

“If feeding and caring for people is indeed the sole role of the Church and not the Government, why are so many people still starving, still hurting? You’ve been open for business for 2,000 years now—supposedly the business of reflecting the character of Jesus and replicating his life. How much longer is it going to take? Just what in the hell have you been waiting for? When in God’s name are you going to tangibly demonstrate an empathy that resembles Jesus, because from where I’m standing, all I can make out is a whole lot of self-righteous judges who seem determined to pass the buck, unwilling to show empathy, and violently allergic to really loving the least.”