Things I’m loving this week


The pool. This—in the pool with a book, eating chewable ice—is how I spent most of my weekend in that 90-degree heat and humidity.  I wanted to kayak or bike, but….no, just no. Silver lining: I ripped through this month’s book club book—Grandma Gatewood’s Walk—pretty quickly. It was good, though I’ll admit to skimming through some of the history tangents.


Kale salad with lemon-vinaigrette dressing. If you, like me, have a lot of kale in your garden, this salad is an easy way to use up a lot of it. Be sure to massage the kale as instructed, that is what makes to soft and edible. This recipe only had a few ingredients and is surprisingly good, though tangy because of the lemon.


Busch Light Apple lager. I tried one of these at a party and was surprised by it. I’m not a beer drinker, but I really liked this because it’s like a cider, but not as sweet (as many of them are).  I’m not sure why Busch says this is a Limited Edition beer because most people I know who have tried it, really like it.  This one should be a keeper, Busch.


Dill Pickle popcorn. I might have had this on my “loving” list before, but it bears repeating as you can still find it at Aldi’s. Odd flavor? Maybe…but it works.

Things I’m not loving this week

The whining and wailing about upholding this nation’s laws. The Victim in Chief is losing his mind about FBI agents carrying out a legal warrant to search his premises for classified documents that he has refused to return to the National Archives. Classified documents put our nation’s security at risk and it’s illegal for Trump to possess them, but….yeah…sure….he’s under siege…he’s the victim….  God, this story is getting so old.

“Trump has a bird’s-eye view of the law and pretends that he is oppressed by it. This fantasy is amplified by elected officials, leaders of the Republican Party and privileged souls who see torment and ridicule around every corner. Even Trump’s vice president, Mike Pence, had “concern” that his former boss, the one who threw him to the insurrectionists on Jan. 6, 2021, was “subjected to a raid.” Poor Trump. He wasn’t even in Palm Beach when the FBI executed its search warrant. But still, poor Trump.”