I don’t like being told what to do, but even more than that I don’t like being told what I cannot do.

*hold my beer*

I went to college to spite a high school guidance counselor who snorted when I sat in his office sometime in my junior year (could’ve been my senior year, who knows?) and told him that I might want to go to college.

I didn’t really know if I wanted to go, but I had decent grades (school was easy for me, except for math), I didn’t have a boyfriend to marry and, frankly, I didn’t have anything else to do after graduation, so….

“Well, you went to Vo-Tech, so I’m not sure you can go to college,” he said.

I will never forget how he made me feel: Like I wasn’t good enough.

I decided then and there that I was going to college.

Challenge accepted, a**hole. Tell me what I cannot do…..

Watch me now.

It wasn’t long before I was a card-carrying member of the future Class of 1993 at Edinboro University.

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I was the first in my family to go to college. I had never taken an AP or college prep course. I had no idea what I was doing and I was scared shitless, but you wouldn’t have known it. I learned long ago to fake self-assurance and figure things out on my own.

I’m a latchkey kid born fourth of five children and raised in the ’70’s/’80s. I knew a thing or two about taking care of myself and dealing with my own problems.

That first semester was a wake-up call as it is for most freshman in college. I had to study for the first time. I got a C in a Philosophy despite my best effort. I’d never had to work for the As and Bs I got in my final years of high school. Though, if we’re being honest, I didn’t take the hardest classes in H.S.

Failure was not an option for me in college. I’d have died before I admitted I couldn’t do something or dropped out or asked anyone for help or told my parents that I had flunked out.

I’d get a degree in something doing whatever it takes to get it.

I switched majors three times — business, then psychology, finally communications with a journalism minor, thanks to an awesome JO prof who knew me better than I knew myself. I dropped two classes — French 101 because I was in way over my head having never taken it before, and TV Production because I realized I didn’t need the credits.

I learned so much more in college than what I was taught in classrooms. I learned to be organized and disciplined and confident, even when I didn’t feel like it or have any right to be.

I thought about my H.S. guidance counselor four years later on the day I graduated from college, cum laude, by the way.  And, I was thankful for his lack of faith in me.

He might not have believed in me, but he wasn’t the one that needed to believe in me. I did.

At least he gave me that.


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