Things I’m loving this week

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Cheap avocados and lots of fresh cilantro. The cilantro in my aerogarden has gone gangbusters and I was looking for a way to either save or use a lot of it this weekend and….voila….Aldi’s had bags of avocados for a few dollars. Too bad nobody else in my house likes guacamole. Yep…that’s just tooooo bad. 😉


An empty gym. Nothing makes me happier at the YMCA than having an entire workout space to myself. This week it was the Obstacle Fitness Interval Center that Kelly and I had all to ourselves on Saturday morning. Shame more people don’t use it, but I’m not sad about that.


Celebrating St. Paddy’s Day. I haven’t gone out on St. Paddy’s day for many, many years, but this year, we went to the parade last Saturday afternoon and then hit some of the local bars up and down State Street because Kelly could — for the first time — enjoy some green beers and experience the spectacle. We had a lot of fun, which made my long run the next morning not so much fun, but….

Lauren loved her time in London. My entire family and most of my friends thought I was crazy for letting Lauren fly across “the pond” to meet a guy she’d been talking/videotalking to for the past year. They met playing Minecraft and he’s a student at Wembley University in London where he was born and raised, and she had the chance to spend her spring break visiting him. And, it all went as well as I knew it would. I rarely expect the worst…maybe someday that will come back to bite me, but mostly I think it’s a good thing to wander through life assuming everything will work out.

Things I’m not loving this week


Haddie strikes again. Now I’m afraid to have packages delivered to my doorstep. (Get a puppy, they said…it will be fun, they said…)

This private college student who threw a girls wheelchair down the stairs. I mean…I don’t know what to say here. You should never be so drunk that you want to harm a disabled person. The level of anger, disrespect, and meanness in the world today is just shocking and disheartening.

That said..

I find it hard to find any sympathy for these folks who keep building mansions on spits of land in the sea. I mean…have none of them read “The Three Little Pigs?” Don’t build your home in stupid places. The seas are rising.