A few articles, blog posts, and other things I think are worth your time.

Canary Media: We need a lot more electricians if we’re going to electrify everything

Aeon: Born that way

“Thomas and Chess had effectively nixed the idea that babies are born ‘blank slates’ who passively receive and are moulded by the environment. Their work flipped the script on psychological views that had paid almost exclusive attention to the role of parents and the environment on child development, while ignoring the influence of the child’s innately endowed predispositions. Thomas and Chess, working with colleagues who progressed their original study, showed that neonates, sometimes just hours old, begin to inadvertently affect the physical and social environment by adapting, resisting, observing, reacting or ignoring it in ways nudged by their biological temperament, and that parents, siblings and other close people change the environment and/or their own behaviours in response. In other words, the environment and the baby have a dynamic bidirectional relationship from the very beginning, changing in response to each other. What’s more, this influence means that babies play a major role in their own development.”

Greater Good magazine: How to Stop the Pain of Wishing People Were Different (Makes life a lot easier when you just accept people for who & what they are)

BBC: Why some people can’t tell left from right (Raises hand….don’t ask me which one.)