Things I’m loving this week


Taking/having time to read again. The algebra class I took last semester sucked up most of my free time and brain space after work and I don’t know if I made it through more than two books while I had that class, but it’s over now (I’ll reflect on that in a future Just Write soon) and I can once again read for fun. It’s often the last thing on my list. I always have ten thousand other things that need done or cleaned or picked up or whatever….but I made a promise to myself that MAKE more time to read because it’s important to me (and my creativity) and I can’t keep thinking of it as something I do only when I get everything else done because there’s always more to do.


Erie Apparel’s Vintage T-Shirt Club. I joined this monthly club on a whim and I thought long and hard about another monthly subscription hitting my credit card, but I’m impressed with the first shipment, which included not just a vintage (and exclusive) Koehler’s T-shirt, but a beer coaster (which the husband collects), a T-club shirt, a sticker, and a card with some history about Koehler’s Brewing, which was pretty cool. I ordered a large so that if the shirt is not my cup of T (pun intended), I can re-gift. While I liked this one, I knew the husband really wanted it….beer is kinda his thing, so…  It’s $30 a month for a unique shirt shipped to your house.


A perfect father-daughter Steelers experience. Kelly spent a good chunk of her hard earned money to buy Dan a really cool Christmas gift — tickets for the Steelers v. Browns game on Sunday. When she bought them, I worried about them going to a January game and driving and sitting in bad weather, but it turned out to be a perfectly gorgeous January day (for Pennsylvania). Cold, but sunny and precipitation free. They had a great time made even better by a big Steelers win over a local rival team.


Blendjet. Dan got me this cordless, rechargeable to-go blender for Christmas and I was like…um…OK. I didn’t think I’d find it any more useful than my little plug-in smoothie blender, but I was wrong. This is awesome. And, indeed, I can fill it up with the ingredients, throw it in my workbag and blend it when I’m ready to eat it. Also, I just found a bunch of recipes on their website. Fun!

Things I’m not loving this week


Poo-eating puppy. The sign on the basement door says it all. Get a puppy, they said. It will be fun, they said.


Vacation planning. I decided this might be the last opportunity for a big family vacation with the girls and we have been wanting to back out west since our first trip in 2019, so I’ve started the long process of finding flights and locations and car rental and trying to decide when, where and how to go. It’s pretty exhausting…and I hate it, but if I don’t do it, who will? I’m leaning toward Yosemite and Grand Tetons via Salt Lake City. But…man…car rental tripled in price (literally).