Things I’m loving this week

The 5-Ingredient College Cookbook. I bought this from Amazon on a whim to give to Kelly for Christmas and it has really great (and easy) recipes. So good and easy that I went and ordered a copy for myself. At less than $8…it’s worth it.  I actually found it for less than $5 at Thrift Books.

Dog Treat maker by Dash. Another gift I picked up for fun was this dog treat maker. While the bones don’t look like the ones on the box, they are still yummy (so the dogs thing) and they are made with all natural ingredients you probably have around the house (with the exception of whole wheat flour, which…I actually did have from some past baking recipe).


My new coffee mug. Does Kelly know me or what?


Kitty Christmas Wreath. Kelly made me this wreath with items primarily from Dollar Tree with the exception of the wreath form and the cutout cat, which she bought on Etsy. I just love it!

spider curls

Spider Curls. We’ve avoided doing these because we thought we would look silly, but….they are so fun, and you can feel how/why they really work your biceps. We’ll do more of these, no matter how weird we feel. 🙂


These puppy dog eyes. Even when they are begging, they are just. so. dang. cute.

Things I’m not loving this week


Snow IN the house. How cold, snowy and blowy was it this week? Snow came THROUGH the outlets and into the house.


Blown out pool panels. How snowy, blowy, cold was it this week – part 2? So cold that our pool fence blew out in two places. Sigh.