Things I’m loving this week


Running downtown in winter at night. With only 8 hours of daylight right now, it’s not hard to find time to enjoy the lights downtown on an evening run. Betsy and I met up for a few miles last week while her daughter was at dance class. Perry Square, State Street, and Gannon U. are quite festive right now.


Bar hopping with my kid. Dan is hellbent on getting his annual Lake Erie Ale Trail membership growlers filled this year, so we headed to Titusville on Saturday with two growlers to hit both Orr’s Brewing and Fat Chad’s Brewing, which is right next door. We had pizza at Orr’s and a beer at each and it was nice to just sit and relax. Kelly and I aren’t big beer drinkers, but we can usually find a fruity one or a seltzer or cider.


Finally got a tree up. It’s been a year…at least it’s been a tough December and we’ve had no time to put up any holiday decorations. Dan did manage to get a tree last week and this weekend we finally put it up and decorated it. That & a couple of wreaths will have to do this year.  It’s enough.


Last minute appetizers. Need an easy last-minute appetizer for a holiday gathering. Grab a block of cheese and some fruit. These were sharp cheddar and blackberries, but gouda and red raspberries are good as are cheddar and grapes and pretty much any other fruit-and-cheese combo you can come up with.


A USB port extender. I love my new work laptop, but it has ONE USB port and no SD card reader, which doesn’t work for me because I like to use a mouse and I’m often also using a card reader and/or flash drive. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me earlier to get an extender, but…this is the best $8 I spent recently.

Things I’m not loving this week

Switching tires over. I need to get my winter tires on because my regular tires are no good in the snow, and I hate doing this twice a year. Every vehicle I had before I had a complete set (with wheels) of snowtires, but I found it impossible to buy inexpensive wheels for my Jeep Patriot (it has some odd lug design or something) and so….every season, it’s back to Kerr’s Tire Korner to pay $80 to get my tires switched. At this point, I should’ve just spent the $500 (or whatever it was) on the wheels.

Trump the grifter. I’m going to put this in “things I’m not loving this week” even though I am completely enjoying how utterly ridiculous this is. It looks like an SNL skit. And….THEY SOLD OUT. LOTS OF (stupid) PEOPLE PAID $100 for these poorly photoshoped digital images.  DAN could’ve been a better job photoshopping these. ROFL: