Things I’m loving this week


Blue is back upstairs. Blue has been basically living in the basement since Hadley arrived a month ago. I kept telling him that he just needed to hold his ground. Just this week, he seems to have accepted she’s not going anywhere and he’s done hiding. Blue came up hissing and batting, and the puppy is now completely terrified of him and it’s quite hilarious. Nothing will stop Hadley in her tracks like this death stare from Blue (above). Leave it to the smallest animal in the house to get her under control.


Tone-Acious. Kelly joined the college’s a capella group this year and they had their winter concert on Sunday and it was great. Lots of classics from the 70s and a few fun Christmas songs, too.


Twisted Elk Brewery in Lake City. We made the long drive (and it is a long drive for us) to Lake City to try Twisted Elk’s Chocolate Peppermint Beer (that’s the dark one in front) and fill Dan’s Lake-Erie-Ale-Trail growler and I had the best (BEST!) flatbread I’ve ever had in my life — chipolte chicken. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.


This Nylabone wishbone. This is really more something the dogs are loving, but…I had to buy two of these because Sam and Hadley would argue over it every single night. Buying two didn’t even work though because — in typical toddler fashion, Hadley ALWAYS wants the one that her big brother is chewing on, so they still argue about it every night. 

Things I’m not loving this week


Chewable fiber tablets. My doctor said I need to eat more fiber, which I cannot image how I can possibly eat more fruits and vegetables so I decided to pick up a supplement. I didn’t want something I had to drink every day (gross) and so I opted for these chewable tablets. I should’ve just spent the money on the caplets. These are disgusting …and they are enormous. blech. 

Christmas decorating. I’m going to have to do it, I know. I just…..sigh…maybe after my Math Final next Monday. Same for shopping. I’m just in complete Christmas denial right now.