Things I’m loving this week


Blake’s Hard Cider. We went to eat at Calamari’s and they had a giant beer menu including lots of ciders. We tried two from Blake’s, including this Apple Lantern which was a “roasted pumpkin” cider and a Carmel Apple cider that was awesome!


This B-day card from my sister. On point. This is literally me right now.


El Canelo. For whatever reason, I have not been to El Canelo in months….maybe more. And, oh, how I have missed it and Pollo Salad and their free chips and salsa.

Things I’m not loving


Fat beggars. All of our pets are terrible beggars with a weight problem, but…hey…..that’s the American way, right? #spoiled #treatyoself

Math Exam No. 2. I spent 10 hours (I’m not even exaggerating) working on my algebra homework on Saturday and I went into Exam No. 2 pretty confident. I left feeling not so confident and ended up with a 77%, which…yes, still a C, but…oi vey. Math is hard, man….