Things I’m loving this week


Shakespeare Summer Nights. Kelly and I look forward to this event every year — free Shakespeare theater in Frontier Park, courtesy of Gannon’s Schuster Theatre (or it benefits the theatre…not sure). ANYWAY….it’s always good and often funny. This year, they did “The Tempest” and it we were worried we’d miss it as we had to go on the last night and the forecast was not great. Turned out to be fine, with only a passing and brief sprinkle.  Word to the wise Shakespeare theatre goer — print out a plot summary, which makes it much easier to follow along and understand what you’re watching.


My sister’s epic nacho tray. We had a birthday party for Kelly’s 21st on Friday and we were having a taco bar, so I asked my sister to make some of her famous loaded nachos. Pam never does anything small, so we got this giant charcuterie board with THREE kinds of loaded nachos — beef, shredded chicken, and spicy shrimp. Yes, there were some leftovers and, would you believe you can just pop these into the oven and the chips crisp right back up? You can…unfortunately….and I have like an extra pound of fat to prove it.


Cordless automatic hair curler. Kelly had this automatic hair curler on her wish list and they were selling them cheap on Amazon Prime day, so I got her one even though I thought for sure it would be another hair device for the basket-o-irons/hair-devices, but…it actually works really well. The only downside — and I saw this in the reviews — is that the charge doesn’t last long. They could easily do all of Lauren’s hair before recharging, but…Kelly — with her thick hair — takes longer and required a mid-do charge pause.


Sunsets at the beach. I love to sit on the beach and watch the sunset, but rarely can talk anyone into joining me. Last Sunday, though, Kelly, Dan and Sam went. I need to make an effort to go more often, even if I go alone.


This photo. I mean….this is Presque Isle Bay, near Port Erie Sports on the Bayfront Highway and it looks like we’re in the Caribbean, right? (I mean…if the water were a little bluer and less green, but…. #lakelife).

Things I’m not loving this week

Ha….there’s just so much….here’s a short list:

  • Election deniers (whackadoodles) are winning elections and election deniers are being put in CHARGE of elections. I mean…
  • Pentagon officials “wiped” their phones of any communication on Jan. 6. I mean…that’s our DOD destroying federal records…WTF?
  • Celebrities are contributing to the climate crisis by flying around in private jets.
  • Monkepox
  • COVID. Still. OMG….gooooooooo
  • Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan. Why? Just why?
  • The mental and emotional toll of being a mother/woman and shouldering everyone’s mental and emotional baggage
  • HOT FLASHES. If you see me melting, look away.
  • The cost of college textbooks