Things I’m loving this week


Paddleboarding. I bought an inflatable paddleboard because it’s easier to toss into my car and take wherever. I don’t love inflating it and I wonder if there’s an battery operating thing I can get because I’m clearly not inflating it enough. I think if I could get it fully inflated, it would be easy to stand up on it, but it’s also fun to just kneel or sit crosslegged and paddle along and lay back and chill and dangle my feet off the sides. I spent nearly two hours chilling on Lake Pleasant Saturday. Yep….all alone. I don’t mind that — sun, water, solitude, a good Spotify playlist on my phone.


All About Vibe custom pillow. Kelly mentioned how much she missed Sam, so when I saw these custom pillows, I had to get one. I opted for the medium-size for about $40 and I was surprised at how cute it was. Vibrant and adorable. Kelly loved it!

summer pizza

Summer pizza. This is my favorite time of year to make mini pizzas — when the tomatoes and basil are fresh from my garden. Mmmm….. I eat this about three times a week. I buy personal-size crusts, brush with olive oil or spray with butter spray, sprinkle with sea salt, add lots of fresh basil (cut into strips), slivers of red onion, black olive slices, and lots and lots of sliced tomatoes (I use grape or cherry, but roma work, if they are not mushy). Top with fresh mozzarella (or shredded) and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Bake till the cheese melts/browns a bit.

Things I’m not loving this week


The Allegheny River Trail.  I forgot what a bumpy, bumpy ride it is (roots pushing up the asphalt). That said….we had a fun day last weekend riding from Emlenton to Franklin and traveling through the dark train tunnels twice. Tip: Remember to take off your sunglasses in the tunnels. (oh….wow…yeah, that’s much better….)


Nail limitations. I am just girly enough to like the look of my first-ever press/glue on nails, which Lauren put on for me Saturday night, but….wow….it’s hard to: type (and I’m a writer by profession), text, remove a sports bra, open a pull-top can, slide open a screen door, write with a pen, take off jeans (button-fly are out of the question)….. Not sure how long I can handle these.


The never ending COVID nightmare and mask-holes. This is how my 18 year old daughter works her entire shift — two masks, a shield, a gown and gloves. So when I hear parents whining about how their fragile, soft kids can’t breathe in an Old Navy cloth mask at school, I literally scoff out loud. Maskhole adults and antivaxxers are the reason we’re stuck in this loop.