A few articles, blog posts, and other things I think are worth your time.

The Atlantic: ‘What If the Thing You’re Waiting for Never Arrives?’ Waiting for Godot is a classic that feels like it was written for the Delta era of the pandemic.

Waiting for Godot and some of Beckett’s other plays have very small casts. There are two or three or four characters at the most, usually two—they almost live in pods, where they’re constantly with each other all the time. We get to see the bickering, the small victories that happen in a day, the attempt to take space from each other in these confined situations, the sense that you’re in this together, which quickly flips into the sense of being trapped with each other.

There are feelings of frustration, anxiety, anger, but no clear object or person to direct the anger towards. They’re angry at their existential situation, and then Beckett shows how that plays out in interpersonal relationships.

Narratively: I Spent My Childhood Helping My Mom Sell Dead People’s Junk

The Washington Post: Alone in death: Tens of thousands die each year in the United States and no one claims their bodies

ProPublica: He Beat Her Repeatedly. Family Court Tried to Give Him Joint Custody of Their Children.