Things I’m loving this week:

50th bday at EBC

50th Bday dinner at BrewErie. I do love The Brewerie at Union Station. They have a great menu, friendly staff, good beer and they can always handle a table of 8 or 10 with no problems and no reservations.

2nd place

5K ing again. I used to hate, hate, hate the 5K because it’s hard because it’s short (3.1 miles) so you need to go hard from the start and never let up until you cross the finish line. There’s not “settling into a pace,” no “finding your rhythm,” it’s literally just run like hell — as fast as you can while still being able to breath. But, I did a 5K this weekend — a cross-country one (though, only because it was on dirt/grass ….it had no hills) — and I came in 2nd in my old-lady age group with 29:15 and I honestly cannot complain about that. I was happy with that time and happy to learn that, yes, I can still race — even if I haven’t done it in about two years.


Salsa season begins. Our first quadruple batch of salsa is canned and — for once — we weren’t even doing it on a sweltering day as it was blessedly cooler this weekend. 10 jars down….dozens to go when our tomatoes really come in.


Evening walks. The sun was setting and I was trying to capture the sign that said “City of Erie” and it didn’t quite work out, but it’s still a gorgeous photo that literally screams Late August.  Taken on a recent walk in the bayfront connector trail.

Things I’m not loving this week

toe holes2

Toe holes. Every. Effin’. Time. I wish shoe manufacturers would add some reinforcement to the area on the top of the shoe near the big toe. I rarely have a pair of shoes for more than two months before my big toe pokes it’s way out. Drives me nuts!

useless textbooks

Clearly unnecessary textbooks. This book that I rented for $68 for Lauren’s math class has been sitting on the steps to the 2nd floor since we received it in the mail. Classes have been in session for two weeks now. I asked Lauren why she hadn’t used the book and she said it was just for “extra” work. Um….I wish I’d know that before I blew $70 RENTING it.


AARP Membership Offer. This arrived two days after my 50th B-day. Nice, eh?

locked keys in car

Lauren’s habit of locking her keys in her car. In this particular case (on my 50th bday while we were all waiting to go out to eat), she locked not just one set of keys, but BOTH of them in the car. She’s already burned through her three free lock-out calls to AAA, so she had to call her dad….after she tried almost everything else (campus cops, boyfriend, random boys in her class…)