Things I’m loving this week


Breakfast parfaits. My current favorite breakfast is nonfat Vanilla Greek Yogurt with lots and lots of berries (picked fresh from our yard) and a little bit of granola thrown in to give it some crunch.

grad party

The grad party is over and it went well. We could not have asked for better weather last Saturday for Lauren’s grad party and we had a great turnout and fabulous food (thanks to my sister and sister in law). But…phewww….boy, am I glad that is over and that I don’t have to have anymore grad parties!


Graffiti art. There are always a bunch of train cars parked on the tracks alongside the Eastside Connector Road (between McClelland and Broad Street) and I always enjoy the traveling art show. Some of the graffiti is quite impressive. This car stopped me in my tracks. Literally. I stopped…on the road…to take a photo. Don’t worry, it was early morning and nobody was coming! 


The home office. Boy, am I going to miss working from my “standup” desk at home when I return to the office full time in August. The shallow side is the perfect height to work while keeping cool. Seriously, does it get any better than this?

lauren buying lottery tix

Lauren is an official adult. She turned 18 and so we had to celebrate with dinner at the Plymouth (of course), then a stop at Country Fair where she could purchase her own lottery tickets. She lost. I hope she learned something. 🙂

Things I’m not loving this week


THE NEVERENDING RAIN. It’s starting to feel like we live in a rainforest…or Florida…with all the pop-up thundershowers every day. If I wanted to live in the tropics, I’d move there.

snake skin

This snake shed found in our compost pile. It’s quite large and, on one hand, it’s very, very cool. On another hand, I do not want to accidentally run into this guy/gal. Snakes are good. Snakes are good. Snakes are good….


Tax-Free businesses. I’m all for offering tax incentives to promote growth, but this really chaps my ass. These hotels are making money hand over fist. They are full…all the time…and at pretty high rates. And, yet, they pay no — NO — property taxes to the city. THE CITY. The one school district that desperately needs the tax revenue. THIS is what’s wrong with our system and why the rich get richer.