Deans list

Goals set and met. Like most college freshman, Kelly’s first semester at college was a wake-up call. She did well, but not as well as she wanted to. She set a goal to make it on the Dean’s List in her second semester and she did it, finishing her first year at college (in the middle of a pandemic!) with a 3.8 GPA.

dollar store flowers

Dollar Store decor. My sister gave us these cute painted mason jars filled with fresh flowers for Mother’s Day. When the flowers died, I decided to pick up a couple of bunches of fake flowers from Dollar Tree and they look great sitting on our outdoor tables.

mulched beds

Mulched beds. My flower beds never look better than early June when they are freshly weeded and mulched (our Memorial Day weekend tradition) and the dianthus blooming all over.

office life

Returning to the office. After working from home since March of 2020, I was kinda dreading returning to the office, but…it’s nice there. Quiet. Cool. Smells good. Nobody bothers me. And, there is no kitchen/pantry to raid all day long. I’m easing my way back in, working at home a couple days, and at the office the other days before returning full time in August. It’s not bad going back to the office when it kinda feels like home, too.


Summer ‘yakking. Finally got the boats in the water on Memorial Day and it was a perfect day to paddle around the lagoons at Presque Isle. We saw a muskrat, an eagle, a pike, a beaver, and tons of baby geese and ducks. The Lagoons tend to be very busy, but it’s easy to spread out and find your own space/peace. (I do find it annoying when people play music out loud….it’s just kinda rude in an environment like that when there are so many people there just trying to enjoy nature).

Things I’m not loving this week


Flats. We were 6 miles from our car at the lagoons at Presque Isle when the flat on Kelly’s bike because too low to ride. Fortunately, there is a bike pump at the ranger station and we weren’t far from there. We walked our bikes over, filled her tire and, thankfully, it held until we made it back to our cars to kayak.