JW nature - tree iin 2018

I took this photo in 2018, probably sometime in early spring, based on the bare trees and drab colors of the landscape. It borders the lot of a Harborcreek church we often park at to run, walk, or bike because we like the long, mostly-flat roads near it.

I remember smirking when I saw this little tree growing right out of the stump of the one they tried to kill, or maybe the parent tree was just old and dying. I don’t know, but I admire this little guy’s pluck.

And now, look, three years later:

JW nature1

You have to admire the tenacity and resilience of nature and if you don’t, you should. If you look, you’ll find it everywhere. In this tiny “weed” that grew a foot up to see the sun:

JW nature3

This hosta that used to be outside of our garage and is now inside the much larger garage and growing in what’s left of the dirt and a little bit of sunshine from the windows in the garage. By the way, we’ve already dug up and replanted three garage hosta, but the roots just keep sending up new shoots.

'Queen of the Seas' emerging

These flowers growing in sand and stone and blazing heat of which I have never felt until traveling through the southwestern U.S. with my family a couple years ago:

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This enormous rhododendron bush that my husband has wanted to cut down since the day we moved into the house 25 years ago because “it blocks your vision” when backing out of the driveway. I tell him to just nose out a little further because every spring this bush makes the hassle worth it.  (I’m certain it will outlive both of us.)

JW nature4

This tiny milk snake, sunning himself on a busy path, narrowly avoiding being squished by a lunchtime walker (me) and a young female runner who happened by at the same time. I was excited and i pointed to the snake and said….LOOK, how cool! I immediately worried she would shriek and run away faster. Instead, to my utter happiness, she squatted down next to me and we watched him slither along for a bit.

JW nature 5

These “weeds” that bring color and life to our ditches, fields, roadsides, and really anywhere cause…..dammit, they bloom where they are planted (by the wind, birds, insects):

JW nature8

This nest of tiny baby birds tucked into a hanging potted fern on my front porch where a dog and two (killer) cats routinely lounge. I fear the day the babies fledge. My entire family is on alert to protect them while they learn to fly and keep the killers cats inside, no matter how much they cry, pout, or box each other (they beat up on each other when you don’t let them out — like bored kids picking on each other):

baby birds

This sun that comes up and goes down day after day after day after day after day. Most days the vast majority of us don’t even notice it coming and going, but there are some days (and nights) that it demands our attention:

paddling at sunset

I’m so inspired by nature. In awe of the miracles around us every day that go unnoticed by many. And, I assume, we go mostly unnoticed by them as they just do what they do — grow, shine, multiply, live.

One of my favorite things to think about is what would happened in this world if all the humans left. What will be come of our shopping malls and concrete bridges and paved roads when we finally destroy ourselves? Save for our domestic animals, I’m guessing most of the natural world would be better off with out us.

Evergreen (3)


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