Things I’m loving

star wars stamps

Star Wars stamps. Did you know there are Star Wars droid stamps currently available? Yep…and they are pretty awesome and are the stamps of choice for Lauren’s graduation invitations, which I need to get in the mail very soon.


We’re expecting! Triplets! I bought my hanging ferns early this year and they’ve been hanging on the front porch for a couple weeks now. I’ve seen a bird going back and forth out of one and couldn’t figure out whether he was stealing fronds to build a nest or nesting in the fern. I dug around a little recently and held up my cell phone to take a photo and see if there are eggs and — it’s triplets! Now the mission will be to protect the fledglings from my killer cats. Sigh.


Bamboo sheets. I bought these bamboo sheets after reading that they helped keep you cool at night without being cold (like satin), and OMG….I will never buy anything else. I LOVE them. They are so soft and….yes, cooler than regular sheets. I will say they are a little “slippy” — like I have to yank them all back in place in the a.m., but….worth the extra 3 seconds it takes to make the bed.

Things I’m not loving

eastern states metal roofing

Price gouging on wood. This …right  here….this is $1,500 worth of roofing material for a 10×12 foot gazebo next to our pool. The 2x4s were $25 a piece. I do not understand how a supposed shut down for….what…a month a YEAR AGO continues to be their excuse for these insane prices on building materials.


Brick workouts. If you’re unfamiliar with brick workouts, they are hell on earth. For those training for a triathlon, though, they are vital to get your body/legs/mind accustomed to transitioning from the bike to the run. When you first start the run, your legs feel wobbly, like jelly or…bricks. Hence the name. Lauren recently survived her first brick — a 13+ mile bike ride followed by a 1 mile run. It wasn’t without a fair amount of whining, but she got a real taste for what to expect on June 19. Now…to get her out for a swim in open water (that is a whole different experience than lap swimming).