Things I’m loving this week

butterfly garden

Revamped corner bed. This is probably one of the first flowerbeds I put in when we moved into our house nearly 25 years ago. It had become completely overrun with a bunch of perennials that spread WAY more than I intended them to. Then, last year’s sewer project went through a portion of the bed and I just sort of gave up on it. I told Kelly I was just going to rip everything out, throw down some grass seed and be done with it. But, she decided she’d fix the bed and make it into a pollinator garden. She bought a bunch of plants and tore out all the old perennials (or most of them). Sunday, I put down landscape fabric and bark and now it’s looks great again. Hopefully I can keep up with it this time.


Pergola underway. You might remember that we decided to DIY a pool-side pergola after the one we ordered from Home Depot was missing parts. It’s coming along and is going to be really cool. Now… hit Pinterest for decorating and decor ideas.


Lauren’s new lap suit. I was waiting …and waiting….and waiting….for Q Swimwear to have a sale and my patience finally paid off a few weeks ago when they had a great sale. I got myself two lap suits and Lauren this super cool Lionfish suit.


Prom. I’m so grateful Lauren got to have a senior prom this year, and even more grateful that she was kind enough to take her big sister who did not get a prom last year because of COVID-19.

Things I’m not loving this week

$270 gas bills in May. I have no idea what is going on with our National Fuel Gas bills, but they make no sense — one month it’s $120, the next it’s $345 — and cannot be related to the actual gas we are using. I haven’t even had the furnaces on for over a month. FFS.

not loving

Bucket List scratch off poster. I bought this poster for Lauren for Christmas and she loved it. She’s already scratched off a few things, but when she went to scratch one off this weekend, it wouldn’t scratch off (see above).  I tried a couple other squares and they don’t seem to want to scratch off either. 😦

Living on Lauren’s schedule. If I had a dollar for every time a lack of planning on Lauren’s part let to an emergency on my part, I wouldn’t need to work.