Things I’m loving this week

biking at PISP

Biking at PISP. I mean…if you’re going to suffer through bike rides (I don’t love cycling), the best place to do so is Presque Isle State Park with a nice, flat 13-mile loop. The only thing about flat courses, is that you can never stop pedaling. That’s annoying. I wish I loved cycling. I keep trying, but….   Maybe I need a new bike.

Etsy for unique gifts. I’ll admit I didn’t think to shop Etsy too often until Kelly started selling there (and, yes, her shop is still doing well, and she recently expanded into wooden chew toys for small animals), but….you can really find the most unique gifts there and you can always find something in your price range. The cool thing is that these are small business owners/crafters who put a lot of special touches into their products. I ordered a personalized bottle opener and a personalized bookmark and both came wrapped in adorable packaging and cost me about $20 for each (personalized and shipped).


Friend gatherings without fear. It’s been a long time since we could all gather together and hang without fear of unwitting getting or passing a virus to our friends. It was nice this weekend to gather with all our fully vaccinated friends and just hang out. Life feels like it’s returning to normal….finally.

porch sitting

Porch sitting on a Sunday morning. I could sit on my front porch on a Sunday for hours. Usually I’m running, but this week I had run and biked Saturday and decided to just relax in the cool morning with a blanket, some hot coffee, a newspaper, and Sammy snoozing at my feet. There was almost no traffic and the only real noise/activity was from the very, very busy birds in the trees and bushes around me.

This video doesn’t exist

Goslings. I know Canadian Geese are, in general, huge assholes who just crap all over everything, but those goslings…man, they are the cutest things on earth. I LOVE May when all the babies are born and you frequently happen upon a harried looking mother and father goose trying to keep track of their brood. (P.S. if you live in this area, drive carefully near Erie Brewing/Knowledge Park as there is a goose family with new babies in the retention pond that frequently cross to the median to eat the grass).

Things I’m not loving this week


Georgia on my mind. Georgia was one of my favorite (ok, definitely my fav) YMCA instructors. For many years, when I worked at the newspaper, I took her lunchtime core class (using stability balls) at the downtown Y. I was so sad to see her obit this week. She is a woman who deserved a long, happy retirement, and I’m sorry it was cut short by cancer.

The lack of civility in Congress. My God, how far we have fallen. This is disgusting. This woman is a cancer on our country and representative of the worst of humanity. I’m ashamed that grown adults are behaving this way and that there are so many who support this. We used to be better than this. Now, we are a nation with lawmakers who shout shit at each other? She’s a gross attention hog. I cannot wait till she is gone.