Things I’m loving this week

cubano chicken

Cubano Chicken. I love the recipes from SkinnyTaste and this one did not disappoint. The entire family liked this pickle-ham-swiss chicken roll up. I know it sound weird, but it was delish. Also, fairly easy to make. Note that you need to marinate the chicken breast in pickle juice, so you need to eat a lot of pickles 🙂 and plan to make this ahead of time (I just the breast in a plastic container with the pickle juice in the fridge overnight).

disc golf

Disc golf. We played twice on Sunday at Behrend after we got the disc sets I ordered. I wonder now if I shouldn’t have spent a little more money on the discs and got better ones that might go farther, but…it may also be that we just don’t know “how” to throw right yet. What I really love about disc golf is that anyone can play — you can even play alone — and even if it’s a nice day and there are lots of people playing, everyone moves pretty quick. Also, if you don’t care about scoring, you can just hop in at any empty hole.

new bike rack

A new bike rack. I hated my old bike rack. It was REALLY heavy and unwieldy and hard to put on my Jeep and so I never wanted to take my bike anywhere because I hated dealing with the rack. So, I bought a two-bike rack that allows me to just set the bike in and then push down a clamp at the top that holds it in place. I’m disappointed that it doesn’t lay completely flat (when not in use) so that I can still open my back gate without removing it, but…at least it’s not has heavy or hard to deal with.


True Love Harness. We have struggled to find the right collar/leash/harness for walking Sam. He doesn’t need a choke (and we couldn’t to our gentle boy), but he HATED the gentle-leader type harnesses that went over his snout, and they would rub his fur off. After seeing positive reviews, we tried the True Love harness and this one fits Sam and our needs just right. He does pull a little and so it ends up turning a little to the side, but…it’s fine. And, it feels very secure. He couldn’t slip out of it. Not that he would. He’s a very good boy.

Things I’m not loving this week


The canning lid shortage. What is the deal with canning lids these days? They have been nearly impossible to find since last year. Now, you can find sets of jars with lids/bands, but I have plenty of jars and I wanted just lids. I finally scored at Dollar General last week — bought the last three boxes of lids and then two sets of bands and lids. I should be good for salsa season this year. (Yeah, I’m already planning to harvest a garden I haven’t even planted.)


Matthew McConaughey. I like him as an actor and I have to say that I enjoyed his book “Greenlights” a lot more than I would’ve expected, but he really does come off as a narcissistic, privileged, know-it-all full of swagger and bullshit. I mean, that’s probably what makes him a star — that unbridled confidence — but, it’s also kind of annoying. It’s worth a read, but it’s likely you won’t like him as much when you finish.