Things I’m loving this week

A fully vaccinated household. Dan and I got our 2nd doses on Friday and, of course, the girls were vaccinated in January at the nursing home they work at, so…we are now a fully vaccinated household and it feels like I can breathe again. Some say the 2nd shot kicks your ass, but none of us any real reaction to it. The girls and Dan had Pfizer, I had Moderna.

Spring flowering trees. Maybe I posted about this last week, too, but I don’t care because flowering trees make me happy for weeks. This week on a morning run, I made everyone stop and appreciate a tunnel of white flowering trees on Second Street (like the ones here in front of the library).

New Goodrs. I swore off Goodr sunglasses because the coating scratches off if they get wet, but was drawn in by these Moonstone Moonshine Cleanse and I love them. I don’t know if they’ve improved the finish, but I’m hoping the mirror coating holds up better to water.

Expanded disc golf course. Behrend expanded their disc golf course to 18 holes and I just bought a set of two disc sets so that we can go play. It’s super easy to learn how to play and it’s free, free, free.

Things I’m not loving

Rich people who don’t pay their taxes. Nothing infuriates me more than rich people and/or companies who don’t pay their fair share of taxes, except maybe… people who make millions ruining peoples’ lives then pull shit like this….

The ‘Secret History’ Of The Sackler Family & The Opioid Crisis. If you want to understand why I have such disgust for the super wealthy, just listen to this …..and you, too, will want to burn their f****ing house down.