Things I’m loving this week

Forsythia. I planted this bush years ago when it was just a few sticks. This year, it’s pretty incredible. I do wish I’d planted it in an area where I could see it more often, but I’m sure the neighbors enjoy it.

Headwaters Park. If you haven’t been to Headwaters lately (or ever), you need to go check it out. It’s a little piece of wilderness right off Route 8 near I90 on Wager Road (the road between Wendy’s and Country Fair). There’s a great new boardwalk over the wetlands where you can get a glimpse of birds, frogs, and various other critters. There’s are also nice paths through woods (blue blazes on trees). We did two loops and got three miles in.

Holderness ADHD shirt. A friend bought this T-shirt for Lauren from the Holderness Family — the crew responsible for tons of funny videos, including plenty poking fun (and pointing out the good things) about Pen’s ADHD.

Fireside reading. The warm weather inspired us to put the fireplace back out in the pool area and now I have my favorite reading nook back.

Things I’m not loving this week

Bad runs. Bad runs happen and when they do, it’s truly blows. It sucks even more if it’s a long run in strong winds. I knew a half-mile into our 8.5 mile run on Saturday that I was in trouble and it was going to be one of those runs. It happens.

News social media feeds. I’ve had to unfollow all the local media/news sites just because I cannot STAND the commenters who spew shit after every single story they post. I wouldn’t even CARE if they were informed, but they are not…it’s clear they are not reading the stories. They are reacting to headlines and assuming the know the rest of the story. I HATE IT. And, I can’t. So, I don’t follow them. On occasion I look up their feeds if I hear of some breaking news and I always, always, always regret it. And, I always end up responding to some asshole, who I’m sure responds to me, but..I don’t care cause I don’t get notifications and I will never go look, so….  I wish news sites could/would post and allow no comments.  Or I wish people would not comment on something they have not actually read. But, you know….