Things I’m loving this week


Presque Isle Gallery and Gifts. This little gift shop in the Tom Ridge Environmental Center at the entrance to Presque Isle State Park has some of the most unique gifts — many by local artists or that involve local flavor (Lake Erie beach glass/driftwood, etc.). If you’re ever looking for something special, it’s worth wandering around this little shop where I always find several cool things, like this notebook (above), which will be just perfect for keeping book/story ideas in. I was actually at the shop to buy “Accidental Paradise: A 13,000 year History of Presque Isle,” which is, I think, the only place you can pick that new book up. The shop hours are quite limited right now, but…will expand once summer (and post-COVID life) returns.

Elk trip. We took a weekend trip to St. Mary’s/Benezette, Pa., last weekend to see the elk. It’s something we’d been meaning to do forever and, while spring is not the ideal time to go (their horns are falling off now), it was a COVID-safe outdoors trip to look forward to and give us something to do. We saw more than a dozen elk, though never at the “viewing areas” — those are beautiful vistas, but I’ve never once seen elk there. You see them in people’s yards on Route 255 at dusk and dawn. We hiked a great trail too (Fred Woods – 5 miles), but…the drive to get there pretty frightening (though still not comparable to some of the roads in the Great Smokey Mountains — oi vey!).  BTW…the history of how the elk ended up in PA is fascinating.

oN bra

Old Navy Cross-back High Support Sports bras. It’s hard to find sports bras that are both function and fashionable, but I ordered one of these (attracted by the “high support” claim) and was pleasantly surprised to find I loved it. Some colors are on sale right now for just $22.

hummus sandwhich

Hummus, cucumber and banana pepper sandwiches. Hear me out. I know this sounds…um, unusual, but I read it online and had to give it a try as it’s all the things I love: wheat bread, plain hummus, cucumbers sliced thin, banana peppers (the guy online uses jalapenos…I thought that might be too much heat for me), and some lettuce. It’s surprisingly good. Crunchy, but also creamy with just enough heat to make things interesting. I think this is what I’ve eaten for lunch for the last week. Also…it’s like 250 calories total.

Things I’m not loving this week

April fools

April Fool’s Snow. I didn’t love Mother Nature’s little joke on April 1. Mostly because I was meeting a friend at 7 a.m. to run and, yes, we had to run in a snowstorm and…whatever…we did it anyway because that is what we do. As always in April, I am thoroughly over winter. Sam, however, was thrilled and could not WAIT to go outside. He spent most of the day outdoors, rolling around in the snow, like a psycho. HOWEVER…..Mother Nature really made up for it this week — loving the taste of summer!

Matt Gaetz. Shocked? No. Surprised? No. This is how entitled rich frat boys behave…and then they get elected to Congress by all their Daddy’s buddies. At least it’s fun to watch him go down in flames. If I were you, I’d hold off on sending out those wedding invites, buddy.