A few articles, blog posts, and other things I think are worth your time.

The Shadow: How Can I Believe in White Privilege When I’m So Poor?

SF Gate: Annie’s Mac and Cheese is based in the Bay Area, but Annie is not. Here’s her story.

Quartz: A Simple Tip for Staying Assertive in Emotional Conversations

Washington Post: I never liked animals. Then I got a pandemic pet bunny.  (I can relate. True confession: I didn’t much care for dogs until Sam…he changed my whole attitude toward them).

John Pavlovitz: The Christians Who Would Not Help People (If you want to know why I do not believe/trust/have any interest in organized religion, it’s this right here: very, very few of them actually do what they say they believe in. They seem to be living for some promised paradise in the afterlife, instead of living and working to help others in the life they are actually living right now. So we heathens do it.)

“All the backsliders, heathens, apostates, black sheep, and sinners will convene to get about the work of caring in a way they were not willing to or capable of.

Together, we will do what these so-called Christians cannot find the decency to do: we will love our neighbors, we will heal wounds, we will fill bellies, we will embrace the outcast, we will spread the wealth around—and we will help people live today.”