A few articles, blog posts, and other things I think are worth your time.

Washington Post: The Missing Students of the Pandemic

Scientific American: Confessions of a Neurotic Extrovert (Very interesting. Not sure this is me, but I, too, don’t seem to fit into either bucket — extrovert or introvert.)

Harvard Business Review: 8 Ways to Read a Lot More Books

Quartz: People are falling in love with a simple productivity system that just uses pen and paper (I’ve been bullet journaling for about five years now. I love it.)

Scientific American: The Personality Trait that is Ripping America Apart

“First there was the “Me Generation” then “Generation Me.” Now we have empirical evidence that we live in what will become known as the “Asshole Age” otherwise known as the Twitter Era…” — Personality Psychologist Brent Roberts on twitter