Things I’m loving this week


Underdogs Win Third. The North East H.S. boys took third place at the District 10 swim competition on Friday and it was an awesome feat given there were just six of them and they haven’t had all the advantages the private and/or wealthier schools have had. It’s impossible to beat Prep/Villa who got to compete in their home pool. I actually don’t understand why they are in our division when they should be competing at the large-school level, since they take all the best athletes from all of the Erie city and county schools, but…. I’m sure it makes them feel great to win everything all the time. Not sure what it means when you have that sort of advantage, but… OK… (do I sound bitter? Maybe I am…). All, I know is that these boys are not only great athletes, but great, fun-loving, humble, and kind young men.  Also, only one of them is graduating, so they’ll beeeee bacccckkkkkkk.


Five-minute breakfast. This has been my go-to lately as it takes almost no time to crack a couple eggs in a pan, sprinkle with lots of pepper and salt, and put a slice of sprouted bread in the toaster. I can make breakfast in under five minutes and the eggs (protein) keep me full for hours.


Sam’s club suits. Every year Sam’s Club has tankinis that my kids love. At just $26 for the top and bottom (boy shorts), they’re much more reasonable than most stores and, lord knows my kids go through the suits in the summer. When you have a pool, you learn to stock up on soda, swimsuits, towels, and sunscreen.


Girl Travel Virtual Tours. I went to a “virtual travel tour” of West Iceland through Girl Travel Tours last week and….OMG…was it cool! If you have any interest in these destinations, sign up for future virtual tours or watch videos from previous tours. After the Iceland one, I signed up for every available virtual tour after that.

Things I’m not loving this week

Prep/Villa trouncing small schools. I mean, we covered this earlier, but…it’s just stupid that these private schools get to compete with county and city schools from which they draw the best athletes. But…whatever…I’m not in charge. And, now I’m done with H.S. sports, so I guess I don’t really care.  But, when they win every District competition and the paper covers it like it’s some kind of big deal or surprise, I just laugh.

News. Literally all news. I’ve gotten to a point where I’m just mentally and emotionally exhausted by this world. It feels like we are going in reverse with people openly bashing those who are not like them and racism and misogyny and selfishness not only accepted, but encouraged by some. I’m at a point where I just don’t want to know anymore. I don’t want to know how people ignore science and truth. I don’t want to know how people are hurting each other and making all kinds of excuses as to why that’s perfectly OK. I am tired…..on a cellular level.