Things I’m loving this week


Tik Tokker Anthony Koz. A friend told me to check out this Anthony Koz guy because he reminded them so much of Lauren. I only have TikTok on my tablet, which I mostly use to screw off at night — play Candy Crush, read magazines, scroll Tik Tok — so it took me awhile to get around to checking him out, but when I did, he did not disappoint. If Lauren were a dude…she would be this Chicago guy. Same energy, same fast talking, same quick pivot to new topics….. Warning: He swears a lot; Lauren does not.


Cauliflower soup. This Mexican Cauliflower White Bean Soup | Bites of Wellness is better than you might expect and vegan, too. The author suggests some possible additions to the soup and I added diced red onion, red pepper flakes, and cilantro. If I weren’t trying to lose a few pounds, I think this soup would be great with some crushed up tortilla chips in it or a bit of cheese (parm or cheddar).

hike at bulls dam

Full-moon winter hiking. The full moon this weekend was just too much to resist and a friend and I were supposed to go cross-country skiing in the moonlight on Friday, but….the rain earlier in the week followed by cold temps had turned the “snow” around Eaton Reservoir into a hard solid crust far too dangerous to ski and too loud for snowshoeing (we tried…couldn’t hear each other over the loud crunching of our steps!), so we ended up just walking around in our boots and it was pretty awesome. Even warmed up enough to unzip our coats and take off the big heavy gloves when the trees provided some shelter from the wind.  If you ever the chance to do something you love at night in the light of a full moon — kayaking, skiing, hiking, biking, etc. — go do it. It’s awesome, year round.

Things I’m not loving this week

The Golden Globes. I love Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, but I found the Golden Globes 2021, with the nominees via Zoom just to awkward and weird to watch. Also, I’M. SICK. OF. ZOOM.

The Golden (calf) Trump Statue. I mean…I haven’t been to church in a long time and abandoned faith many years ago, but I remember there was a whole story about golden calves and golden statues and worshiping other idols and yet, we have this going on at the CPAC meeting this week.  Beyond this golden statue being a violation of the Christian faith these people claim to value above all things, it’s just weird, man. To worship a human that way is just freaking weird, OK?

Winter wind. To make literally any winter weather situation worse, just add wind. Insult to injury.