Things I’m loving this week


Tim Horton’s Carmel Pecan Dream Donut. I couldn’t ell you the last time I hate a donut, but Kelly and I couldn’t resist splitting one of these recently. Worth every calorie. 


Drawer Store Cutlery trays. This drawer used to have a cutlery insert….you know, one of those build-ins that divided the drawer into the typical five or six slots, but it didn’t allow me to maximize use of the space, which became a problem when we got new knives for Christmas. Then, I found these cutlery trays that allow you to “stack” the silverware. I ended up buying three — two for silverware and one for knives and I STILL had room for cutting boards and other miscellaneous items.

v flowers

V-day flowers. Lauren spent $20 on this bouquet for me for Valentine’s Day. They are gorgeous and they smell awesome.

missed hits

Spotify’s Missed Hits. This is a Spotify playlist that offers, as the name would suggest, hits you might have missed. I’ve found a few gems.

Things I’m not loving

jerk cats

Puzzling with cats. They are laying on a piece of fleece Dan and Lauren have spread out on the coffee table with puzzle pieces. Cats make puzzling hard.


Memorial by Bryan Washington. Literally the worst book I’ve suffered through in recent memory. I don’t even have words for how bad this is. That’s like five hours of my life I will never get back.