Things I’m loving this week


“All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr. I’m late to the party in reading this Pulitzer-prize-winning book. I avoided it because reading another book set in the human horror story that was WWII Germany/France was not appealing (is it just me….or do you sometimes think we enjoy the sensationalism of it all?), but when the Kindle version of this book was on sale for a few dollars, I had to give it a try. In just a few chapters, I found myself caring deeply about the two main characters. It lived up to the hype and was one of those books where I would find myself thinking about the characters when I wasn’t reading it. I will remember this one for a long time.

sunshine in winter

Sunshine in winter. Even the coldest days seem bearable when the sun shines. It’s even better when there’s a blanket of frozen snow that just glitters all over when the sun hits it.

happy lauren

Swim season. Things sure are different this year. It’s not the same. There are a lot of things missing that make me sad — group cheers, team-bonding events, faces, other teams (all our meets have been virtual so far), fans (parents only right now), but I mean…..look at her face. She’s just happy to be there and to be able to swim. I’ll take that.

Things I’m not loving this week


Abandoned projects galore. This photo is an illustration of ADHD and what it’s like to live with someone who has it. There are a LOT of started projects around this house, like the three laptops she tore apart that are now stacked up in pieces in a corner and these coffee filter butterflies she never finished. These are just the things within my current eyesight. I complain, but….I’m fully aware that if this is the worst thing I can say about my living with my teenage daughter, then I’m pretty damn fortunate.

Trump flags/signs. Does it strike you as odd that people seem to worship this flabby, washed up reality TV star who is most definitely broke AF and who was the most incompetent president this country has ever suffered through? I’m starting to think it’s a cult….not a political-party affiliation. After all…Trump was a Dem until it didn’t suit him, so…

MTG or MGT or whatever the hell her initials are, I cannot with this effin’ woman. She is every mean girl you’ve known in your life, and she has to go. Or, we need to just ignore her and make her completely irrelevant. God knows what the mean girls always really want is attention.  I’m not even posting her photo because I can’t stand to look at her, but…if you really don’t know who I’m talking about — it’s this, um, Georgia peach.