Things I’m loving this week

straightening brush

Hair Straightening Brush. Kelly bought this MiroPure Straightening Brush and I have to say it works well and it’s faster and easier than a flat-iron. I used it on both girls’ hair. Lauren’s was done in about 5 minutes. Kelly’s took longer because she has gobs and gobs of hair that require straightening it in layers (doing a layer underneath, then doing a layer on top), but it was still faster than flat-ironing it.

Winter running

The perfect snow for winter running. It’s rare, but the very best snowy roads to run on are those that are in the sweet spot between ice and mush. It’s not bad to run on snow when it’s not too soft or too hard/slippery because snow actually provides decent traction (especially with yak tracks or trail shoes).  This most often happens on a very cold day that turns sunny ….just sunny enough to make the roads not icy, but not so sunny that it melts the snow and makes it soft and squishy (soft snow is exhausting to run in).  I read somewhere that Eskimos have like 50 words for different types of snow. Snowbelt runners get that. We know it comes in a lot of varieties.

Covid vaccine

Two kids fully vaccinated. One of the perks of working at a nursing home is that the girls were among the first in line for the Covid-19 vaccine. They got their first dose just after the first of the year and received their 2nd dose last week and now I feel like I can exhale. I want every parent to have this comfort/peace for their kids…and soon.

Up First : NPR

Up First Podcast from NPR. I’ve come to love this podcast because, like almost every podcast NPR does, it’s done 1,000 times better than anyone else can do it.  It’s about 10 minutes long and every day they give you the three biggest stories of the day, with reporting an analysis from NPR News.

Things I’m not loving this week


Cheap goggles. They are fine for two-year-olds, but not so great for 17-year-old senior swim team members. Lauren was DQd twice in the last two meets for problems related to her goggles or lack there of.  After the last meet, I immediately ordered her a pair of Speedo Vanquisher’s from Amazon. (Of course then her next two meets were canceled, but….).

Scooping the litter box. After my indoor-only cat, Bella, died this year, I was left with my two indoor-outdoor cats who prefer to do their business outside. I think I scooped the cat litter box about once a week, but now that it’s so cold and snowy both of them are constantly using the indoor toilet. Now, I have to scoop twice a day and oh, my god, I hate it.  (Though now I’m wondering how much they are actually pooping and peeing all over my flowerbeds, but…whatevs….)