Things I’m loving this week


Morbid Podcast. I dunno, the murder podcasts bothered me at first because it just seemed wrong for all of us to be entertained by horrific crimes. Then, I started listening to My Favorite Murder, which is, at times, funny, but I grew tired of the hosts and stopped listening. Then Lauren turned me onto Morbid. At first, I felt the same way….sleazy and uneasy listening to often graphic details, but….I sorta fell in love with the hosts who are sisters and I regularly laugh at their commentary and catch phrases. I don’t know about you, but for me….podcasts often come down to whether I can stand the host(s) or not. 

PI expansion

A proper park entrance in the works! I’m sure there are people freaking out about this news that the state has acquired property all the way up to 6th street, but I am THRILLED for a couple reasons: A.) The park–our “crown jewel” should have a grander (or at least more remarkable) entrance, B.) Peninsula Drive leading down to the park needs to be widened and MUCH more biker/walker friendly, and C.) I’m excited about what they will do with this space. So many possibilities, but….honestly, I wouldn’t even be sad if it were just greenspace.


The Comfy. I’ve resisted buying this (weren’t they called “Snuggies?”) for a couple of years because when they first came out, I felt like they were overpriced. But, now they are $23 at Sam’s Club and so….I know own this gray lady and it is as warm and heavy and heavenly as it looks.

covid vaccine

COVID Vaccine Dose #1. Both of my kids work at a nursing home and both of them had the opportunity to get their first dose of the COVID19 vaccine this past week and I could not be more thankful. I’m shocked that so many of their coworkers opted out, but there’s a lot of fear and misinformation out there. Whatever…more for the rest of us who trust science. Maybe after they get their second dose, I can exhale. I feel like I’ve been holding my breath since March 2020. 

Things I’m not loving this week

Lauren working

Mask whiners. This (photo above) is how my teenage daughters work their entire shifts at a nursing home — in gowns and two masks and a face shield. Tell me again how uncomfortable it is for you to wear a cloth over your face at Walmart, you f****ing, crybaby. Your weakness and selfishness is astounding, but not surprising in America 2021. I mean….


Insurrection. What more is there to say about this? In America. Who stormed our capitol and threatened our democracy? Not Muslims. Not Black Lives Matter supporters. Not Mexicans. Not immigrants. Not socialists. Not liberals. No… was radicalized white Trump supporters egged on by the commander in chief himself. Impeachment isn’t good enough….he should be imprisoned.