A few articles, blog posts or other things I think are worth reading.

The Ascent: 20 Realistic Micro-Habits To Live Better Every Day 

Good Housekeeping: Author Ann Patchett on complicated mother and daughter relationships

The Hustle: How a janitor at Frito-Lay invented Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

The Guardian: The Lost Girls: ‘Chaotic and Curious, Women With ADHD All Have Missed Red Flags That Haunt Us’

“On a good day, it’s like watching a train whizz past you while you’re trying to read the text on the side and make out faces in the windows. On a bad, a bird might land in front of you. Curious, you pull out your phone, Google the bird and get stuck in a “pigeons of the world” vortex. You discover cassowary eggs are bright green and in 2005, UK police found a leg of swan in the Queen’s Master of Music’s freezer. Two terrine recipes later, the train has long passed and night has fallen. Dazed, you sink under a dark cloud of self-loathing, lamenting another lost day. You don’t remember what kind of bird it was.”