Things I’m loving this week

harborcreek lights

Harborcreek Lights Tour. A nearby township posted a map to a holiday lights tour last weekend. I suspect this idea happened by accident when they encouraged residents to tell them about decorated houses to post on social media. Someone came up with the idea to put together a driving tour and then they recruited some businesses/organizations to sponsor drive-through “warming stations” with cookies and cocoa and…it turned out to be a fun family event in the year of COVID. It was SOMETHING TO DO! yay! While there are no warming stations now, you can still access the map and take the tour on your own.

Christmas tree

Our tree. We get a real tree every year and Kelly and Dan didn’t think this was a good one, but I like it — tall and skinny and very full/dense, so plenty of room for ornaments. Not that I decorated it, but….we all know who will likely undecorate it.

snowmen candles

My dollar-store snowmen. I saw these on Pinterest and had to try them. They turned out so cute! $1 candles from Dollar Tree, a cheap $1 scarf that I cut up into strips, a few buttons, some Sharpies, brown pipe cleaners and hot glue and….voila. Snowmen. We built a whole army of them. Want to try? Good Housekeeping has video instructions.

snowflakes and paper chains

Paper snowflakes and chains. Bored kids get creative and this week Lauren made a whole bunch of paper chains and snowflakes to decorate the living room. Now, she’s bored because I made her bored after I changed the password for all the streaming services because she was watching too much, but….a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do.

paint pens

Paint pens. I discovered paint pens by accident when I was looking for something else in the craft store and decided to use them to write names on some ornaments I was making and…OMG….game-changer. No more shaky print when trying to paint letters with a tiny brush. I went and bought a five pack.

Things I’m not loving this week

wrapping with cats

Wrapping with cats. Cats — Making gift wrapping difficult since the dawn of time. I complain, but its actually pretty cute how interested they are in the entire process…or at least in hindering the entire process.


The Vanishing of Vivienne Cameron Podcast. TEN episodes…..and nothing…no payoff…no conclusions. I have no idea why I stuck with this podcast other than the fact that I had invested in three or four episodes already. It was confusing …so many characters and questions and jumping back and forth in time…and then it just left you hanging. Annoying AF.

daily drive

Spotify’s Daily Drive. I used to love this as it offered a mix of news and music that I like, but….then I realized that it just keeps feeding me the same songs day after day after day. They are my top listened-to songs…but that’s mostly cause Spotify keeps putting them in the rotation every day. Anyway….I went in search of new playlist options and…I found some great ones that I’ll cover in future weeks in my “things I’m loving”.