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Thought Catalog: 33 Stupidly Simple Ways To Spread Positivity In A Shitty Year 

CityLab: The Case for Rooms (there’s something to be said for a few walls in a home)

Scary Mommy: Dolly Parton’s Sister Takes Glorious Aim At Politicians & Televangelists On Twitter

The Atlantic: Trump is Losing his Mind (We are in some dangerous waters right now, America. The raging, would-be king is unstable and desperate).

“An American president, unwilling to concede his defeat by 7 million popular votes and 74 Electoral College votes, is still trying to steal the election. It has become his obsession.” (THIS while we are in the middle of a pandemic and while we just learned Russia has been digging around the vast majority of our government’s most secret files since March).