Things I’m loving this week:


Rummikub. We’ve had this game for awhile, but never knew how to play it. At some point this year, the girls figured it out and…OMG….do I love this game. I always loved playing Rummy with cards and I love this one just as much. I won two out of three games.

winter sunrise

Winter sunrises/sunsets. And, with so little daylight in mid-December, you have plenty of opportunities to catch them!

decorating tree

Family decorators. I don’t know why but I couldn’t care less about Christmas trees, though it may be that I don’t care all that much about Christmas. Dunno. But…I’m happy that my kids are now old enough to completely handle all the holiday trimming of the house from indoor decorations to the tree because if they left it up to me, I just don’t think I’d bother. I mean, it’s nice once it’s up…I guess….it’s festive and all, but…I wouldn’t want to spend any of my free time doing it. It’s just unnecessary work — put it up to take it all back down.

face masks

Wearing a face mask in winter. There is something to be said for it being perfectly acceptable (and in fact responsible) to cover your face while walking in the winter. Finally, this pandemic is paying off.

laurens boots

The girls’ new boots. I picked up these Tommy Hilfiger Rainah Boots at Macy’s online for $50 delivered to the house and I love them. They’re rubber on the bottom, so they are completely waterproof, but they are fleecy on the top (so kinda cute/stylish) and lined with soft faux fur. I wish I’d bought myself a pair, too.

Things I’m not loving this week

not loving

Dan Laughlin. I expected this shit from Mike Kelly and Glenn Thompson  — we KNOW who those boot-lickers are working for (the GOP, not their constituents), but when Dan Laughlin signed on to support this bullshit, I have to admit I was surprised. It was a stupid move and no matter how he couches it in legal speak and tries to tell us it was all about making sure we have fair elections, the bottom line is that he tried to invalidate LEGALLY-CAST votes from his own community. The worst part, is he’s wasting his time and taxpayer money on this while a pandemic ravages Erie County.  Shame on him for turning his back on us. I didn’t vote for him. I’m not that easily fooled, but I had Dem. friends who did because they “liked” him. They don’t anymore.

last swim of 2020

Last laps of 2020. I swam my last laps of 2020 on Friday before the gyms had to be shut down for the rest of the year to prevent the spread of COVID (mostly among idiots who still believe it’s not real or is “no big deal”). It’s fine. I get it. I appreciate the Y following the rules. I can sacrifice a few more miles to keep my fellow community members and my family safe, but…I’m sad I won’t have the pool to escape to until 2021. (Ended the year with almost 70 miles!)