I once ordered a personalized collar for Sam when I was kinda tipsy. OK, I was probably drunk. Let’s just say that if he does get lost, I hope my neighbors are smart enough to know we live in the 814 not the 824 area code.

That was about when I decided that any online shopping done under the influence could only go so far as putting stuff in my cart. No making any actual purchases unless sober. I’ve stuck to the rules and yet….

We stopped at Walgreens the other day to pick up “extra” holiday cards I ordered because I realized I didn’t have enough of the ones I ordered from Snapfish. To be honest, I wasn’t going to send them at all, but then I started thinking 2020 is such shit, shouldn’t people get something nice in the mail. So, I ordered 40.

I had to use a photo taken last Christmas eve because it is literally the only family photo we have because we went nowhere and did nothing this year. I mean 2020, right?

After ordering from Snapfish, I  put my Christmas card list in an Excel spreadsheet (something I’d been meaning to do for years) and realized, oops…I needed like 25 more cards. I decided make them at Walgreens because I could pick them up the next day.

Dan and I stopped at Walgreens before we hit the grocery store Saturday night. I opened the box in the car and was like…oh, hey, these are nicer than I thought they’d be. I like this design. And, then….

OH, FOR F%$#’s SAKE, seriously?

I spelled my firstborn’s name wrong. And, it’s not a hard name to spell — it’s five letters and no odd combinations of those letters. I spelled it wrong and approved the design stone. cold. sober.

I just laughed and laughed and then sent to to all my friends via FB messenger. One friend just wrote: #2020.

And, that’s the truth. #2020. If ever there was a year to use an old photo and misspell your own child’s name, well..it would be this ridiculous clusterf#@! of a year.

I’m not reprinting them. I’m not sure I’ll even acknowledge it. I’ll just ignore it. Pretend it’s right. Let everyone else wonder if they’d gotten it wrong all these years. Misinformation and gaslighting. I can’t think of a more proper tribute to 2020.



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