Things I’m loving this week

cranberry dip

Cranberry/Jalapeno Dip. I’m sure I’ve raved about this appetizer five times before, but it’s literally the best thing about the holiday season when fresh cranberries become available (for like $1 a bag at Aldis). Two tips: Be sure to make the cranberry part in advance so the flavors can develop in the fridge for awhile (I do it the night before)….and add some heavy cream/milk or half and half to your cream cheese when you whip it (and do whip it) to make it more spreadable. I may or may not have eaten 85% of this pan above. (OK, I did…don’t judge me).


Holiday lights. While I have zero desire (or plans) to illuminate my own house, I do appreciate the effort others put into theirs. The city lit up Perry Square on Friday with no event or fanfare because 2020, but….it’s worth swinging by if you’re downtown to appreciate the hard work city workers put into stringing lights all over the place. While you’re down there, pick up takeout or go out to eat at a local restaurant like the Plymouth (our fav)…they need you.

whole body cat

Cuddly cats. When he’s in the mood, I have not just a lap cat, but a WHOLE BODY cat because Oliver is a big cat.  It’s like a cat blanket. My only complaint is that he continually creeps up my body because he wants to be nose to nose and I don’t like anybody in my personal space like that, no matter how cute and fuzzy he is.

News of the World coming soon. I fell in love with this book (unexpectedly) and can’t wait to see the movie, especially since the star is Tom Hanks. It’s bound to be awesome. There’s still time to get the book and read it before the movie is out because…..even with Tom Hanks, the book is almost always better.

Things I’m not loving this week

mike kelly

Mike F&^%$#@ Kelly.  I don’t even have words for how angry I am at this POS. You want to know why he’s doing this? Wasting time and money bringing about a frivolous lawsuit there is NO chance of winning, because he is hoping to keep Trump’s base on his side and this is a with ZERO risk to himself. He’s a shameless boot-licking old white man panderer, but….that’s pretty much the GOP now.

1 Second Everyday tutorial

1 Second Everyday app. I’ve been using this app for several years now to collect 1 second snippets of my daily life, which I then compress into a five-ish minute movie each year. A few weeks ago, it decided it couldn’t “see” any of the photos or videos on my phone. I realized there was an update available….so fine. It. would. not. update.  It took me weeks of messing around, emailing the company, clearing caches, uninstalling & reinstalling apps/emails, etc. to figure out that it’s because it will no longer allow me to store the app data on the SD card in my phone. This means it will take up shittons of internal memory like almost EVERY other app on my phone that refuses to allow me to transfer it to the SD.

I don’t get why developers are doing this, It’s frustrating as hell because everyone who has a cell phone knows it’s a constant space game and a matter of time before your phone is so “full” it won’t update anything and you have to buy a new one. What’s the point of an SD card if NO apps will allow you to store them there????