Things I’m loving this week


OOFOS Sport Recovery Slide.  A friend raved about these “recovery” slides and insisted I try them on. Once I did, I had to buy my own in hopes they might help with my planter fasciitis, which is flaring back up again. I haven’t had them long enough to know if they are helping, but they sure are comfy.

bullet journal

Vivid Scribbles Bullet Journal. I’ve been bullet journaling for a few years now. And, for the first couple of years I didn’t make it through the year before my journal sort of fell apart. I mean…they get a TON of use, so it’s understandable. Last year, I bought the Vivid Scribbles B.J. and it is STILL in great shape — even the pen loop never stretched out.  It’s well worth the $25. I always buy black, but…this year, I think I’m going with some color.

derry girls

Derry Girls. A friend recommended this Netflix series, a British comedy about teen girls living in Derry, Northern Ireland in the 1990s. The characters are hilarious and I ripped through two seasons pretty quickly and can’t wait for season 3. Tip: Turn on the subtitles, the accents are thick and you’ll miss a lot of the humor.

Things I’m not loving this week

not loving

Cozy Autumn Wild Rice Soup. I should’ve known when I saw “coconut milk” in the ingredients. It gave this autumn wild rice soup an odd flavor, which is unfortunate because it took forever to make it and it made a ton.

Lauren’s trail ruts. I knew she probably shouldn’t be taking our ATV down to the creek behind our house, but sometimes I get lazy about parenting and I’m tired, man, and I was like….whatever, how much damage can she do. Well, I took the dog to walk back there on the trails this weekend and it turns out she can do a LOT of damage repeatedly riding up and down on muddy trails. Sigh. #sorryneighbors #nomoreATVingnow

Being bullied by Blue. I got up to warm my coffee and Blue immediately took my stool and put on his perturbed face to let me that he is…AHEM….still waiting for breakfast. It took some effort to push him off, too. If cat eyes could shoot lasers….