Things I’m loving this week

Apples Honeycrisp – Demarest Farms

Honeycrisp apples. The best apples ever cultivated. I don’t even know why anyone grows any other varieties now.

L - elk

Pennsylvania elk. Friends and I took a trip for a girls weekend to Dubois, Pa. (halfway between Erie and where a friend moved) and traveled to Elk County to see the elk. We saw nothing all day….and then, at the end of the day, just before dusk, elk EVERYWHERE. They were massive and impressive. Definitely worth a trip, if you’re into it.

L - sisters biz

Lady boss(es). Kelly is starting an Etsy shop for the fleece guinea pig/rat/hamster items she makes (tunnels, houses, hides, sleeping bags, etc.) and it’s awesome to see her so excited about it and doing so much work to be an entrepreneur. Last night, she and Lauren figured out the pricing of items and designing and ordering business cards and mailing labels.

l - voting

Voting by “mail.” We did not mail our ballots, but dropped them in the ballot box at the Erie County Courthouse. So nice and easy and… need to stand in line with all the weird Trumpeters at the polls, which is great considering a good percentage of them probably have COVID now thanks to a maskless rally in Erie, PA the other day….A “shithole city” he NEVER would’ve come to if he weren’t losing. (How does that make you feel Erieites?!)

Things I’m not loving this week

NL - l's room

Lauren’s pigsty. Lauren went back to school this week — the actual building, which means she is not home to guard her bedroom all day and I made the mistake of looking in there the other day, and now I know where all my laundry baskets went.