Three things I’m loving this week


Rock legend David Grohl vs. a 10-year-old girl. If you’re not following the epic drum battle taking place between Foo Fighters frontman and former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl and a 10-year-old girl, you are missing out on the only thing in 2020 that doesn’t suck.  IT. IS. ADORABLE. Also, Nandi is insanely talented and badass. She’s amazing. AND SHE IS TEN YEARS OLD.

1015 - 4

The scenery. It’s clearly peak leaf week here in Northwestern PA and no matter how many autumns I  experience (49 and counting), Mother Nature never fails to inspire awe.
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Lunch at El Canelo. After ….God….what?…8 months or so, I finally had lunch this week at El Canelo. It’s our office’s go-to lunch spot, but with all of us working from home now, we never go to lunch. It was fun to catch up with a coworker and enjoy some salsa, chips and fajitas.

1015 -1

Running on the bayfront. Even better…running on the bayfront at sunrise with a bunch of friends in the perfect running weather (dry and cool, but not freezing). This week’s run even ended with a full rainbow, part of it is visible to the left of the tower in this photo).

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Kelly’s mad sewing skills. Kelly’s been hard at work sewing fleece hammocks, houses (some double-decker) and tunnels for our friends’ pet rats. I’m super excited about delivering the goods and seeing how the critters enjoy her handiwork. (And, yes, I’m trying to get her to open an etsy shop!)

Things I’m not loving this week

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Ticks. I have pulled four — count ’em FOUR — ticks off of these two in the last week.  I’m sure lounging around in dead leaf litter has nothing to do with it. Sheesh. Bastard bloodsuckers.


Saying goodbye to our koi. I know it’s hard to see here but there are four very large koi in this container. They used to be in our poolside pond and would winter over in a 45-gallon tank in our basement. We knew last winter that it would be their last winter with us because they have outgrown the tank and …they have outgrown the pond now, too, so we found them a good home with a friend that has several ponds — one for smaller fish, one for bigger fish and a big pond where they go when they get very big, so…they’ll have a nice life over there, but we are sad to see them go.

They are quite large now, but when we got them seven or eight years ago, they were the size of goldfish (maybe smaller). Lauren’s bus driver gave them to us. She and he would chat about fish on the bus when she was in elementary school. He, too, had several ponds and, at some point, she talked him into giving her some fish to start her own pond.

I’m amazed we kept them alive that long and it’s bittersweet to see them go, but they’ve outgrown us.