Things I’m loving this week

loving -3

Kayaking at Presque Isle. On a windy day, the lake is off limits (for me), but the nice thing about Presque Isle is that you can always find some sheltered lagoons or inlets to explore. This time, on advice of friends, we headed to Beach 11 and put in to the right of the beach (if you’re facing the beach). You have to portage the boats in for about a 1/3 of a mile, but it’s worth it. The water was clear, wildlife plentiful, and water calm.

loving - 1

The Allegheny River Trail. This trail, which starts near Titusville and runs to Emlenton is the best local bike trail – flat, paved, mostly shaded and it offers two long, completely-dark train tunnels.  We rode from Oil City on the Samuel Justice Trail which becomes the ART to Emlenton and back for a 67.5 mile round trip in just under 6 hours.  Two things: There is a stretch of unfinished trail — it’s all gravel — maybe a half mile and you cannot ride it on a road bike (so we walked ours….twice) and you need a light for the tunnels. A cell phone light might do, but a bike headlight is better. I have this one, which came with a taillight, too. Both are USB rechargeable.

loving - 4

Outdoor gas fireplace. I’m so glad we got a new outdoor fireplace for the pool area this summer.  We grabbed the last one on the Target shelf and it was a good choice. Throws just enough heat to make you warm and is the perfect height to put your feet up. We’re savoring these last of the semi-warm summer evenings.  It’s tied into a gas line we had in the area for the pool heater, so even I can easily light it with the turn of a knob.

loving - 5

Weekday morning runs. One of the silver linings of COVID-19 is that working at home gives me the opportunity to meet up with friends for morning runs at a more reasonable time than 5 a.m.  Working from home means I can easily run at 6:45 or 7 a.m. and start work at 8 a.m. because nobody at the home office cares that I’m a hot, sweaty mess.

Things I’m not loving this week

not loving - 1

Pool is closed. I am as sad as Sam about the now-closed pool. 😦

not loving - debate

That shitshow of a debate. Trump is out of control. Nobody on earth could have a civil debate with that bombastic bully.  They should just cancel the last two debates…or make it a format where they shut their microphones off when it’s not their turn to speak. Something tells me that still won’t stop Trump the playground bully from yelling and screaming and demanding attention.

Racism. Trump’s refusal to denounce white supremacy and, in fact, his blatant dogwhistle that they should: stand back and standby, is reprehensible and dangerous.  If you support him, then you are supporting racism. End of story.