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Forbes: The Billionaire Who Wanted To Die Broke . . . Is Now Officially Broke What an inspiration.

No Sidebar: How I stopped complaining (I really need to do this. I think it’s mostly just a bad habit.)

Vanity Fair: Kate Winslet Unfiltered4

The New York Review of Books: It Can Happen Here

“The killing of six million Jews? Fake news. Four of Mayer’s subjects insisted that the only Jews taken to concentration camps were traitors to Germany, and that the rest were permitted to leave with their property or its fair market value. The bill collector agreed that the killing of the Jews “was wrong, unless they committed treason in wartime. And of course they did.” He added that “some say it happened and some say it didn’t,” and that you “can show me pictures of skulls…but that doesn’t prove it.” In any case, “Hitler had nothing to do with it.” The tailor spoke similarly: “If it happened, it was wrong. But I don’t believe it happened.”