Things I’m loving this week


My gas firepit. I don’t even have words for how much I love the convenience of a gas-fired firepit….a few clicks and turns and I have warmth at my feet. I hated messing with wood and smelling like smoke when we had a traditional firepit and I didn’t want to mess with propane, so Dan put our firepit in the pool area we we already had a gas line for the pool heater that we never use.


Badass, determined friends. I flatted on a ride with five friends on Saturday when we were 15 miles into New York. While I’d have just called my husband or brother to rescue me, they were determined to fix it themselves. And, they did. I was proud and inspired and now I am determined to repair the flat on my daughter’s bike so I can be as powerful and self-sufficient as the women I hang with.


Niagara Falls in a pandemic. Friends, this is the time to journey up to the falls because it’s beautiful in the evening, it’s outdoors and — this is key — it is NOT overrun with tourists. I mean, sure, there are a lot of people there, but nothing like it has been in the last few years. I guess there’s a silver lining to the pandemic and the U.S.’s sad non-response to it — nobody wants to come here.


Wildlife encounters. I had paused for a few moments while running Sunday to take a selfie (see below) and whine about how hot and humid it was running and how sick I was of sweating to death and after I posted my whiny rant and photo, I looked up and saw this — mamma and her baby who stood and looked at me as long as I stared at them. They reminded me to look for the beauty even when I’m feeling pissy and miserable.

Things I’m not loving this week


HUMIDITY.  Took this selfie mid-run on Sunday because I was sweating to death after heading out just after a morning thunderstorm. It felt like I was running in a rainforest and I’m just over humidity, OK?


Playing hide-and-seek with frogs hell-bent on dying in my pool. There are three frogs who live in the pond next to my pool, but they think they can also live in my pool. I actually wouldn’t mind sharing, but….the chlorine is going to kill them and now I’m concerned they’ll be trapped in there over winter once we close the pool, so the Frog Relocation Program as begun. I have already moved one to Trout Run on the campus of the college I work at, but the other two are proving elusive and when I do get close, they jump into the murky pond where I can’t see them.  It’s getting old and I’m close to just letting nature take it’s course. Whatever will be will be…


Stray cat regrets. I was walking in Knowledge Park last week and stopped to talk to a friend and a little gray cat came out of the woods. She told me they had seen it there days before. I managed to get it in my arms — it was friendly and healthy, but skinny — but I had more than a half mile back to my car and kitty got antsy and squirmed out of my arms and I let her/him go because I thought, why do I make everything my problem? What am I going to do with this cat? And, my husband is going to kill me. Then, it rained that night and I couldn’t sleep because I felt guilty for leaving the cat. The girls and I have been looking for it ever since and we cannot find him/her. If you see it, hit me up. I can’t keep it, but I’ll make sure it gets to a shelter.